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of the Future

Increase Amazon Sales & Profit

Aura is built with performance in its DNA. It's not just an Amazon automatic pricing software - It's your new team member.

Most Amazon seller tools are just that, tools. Aura adds to your team to be your expert repricing employee. Most repricing tools follow basic rules but Aura makes smart decisions using AI and Machine Learning.

We wanted to build an automatic pricing tool that didn't require us (read: you) to be repricing experts. As Amazon sellers ourselves, we wanted to set everything up and get back to sourcing. So, that's what we built.


Our Users Love Aura

It's easy to say that you're the best. It's other to hear have users tell you. We focus heavily on our users success. With under 10m response time to support tickets, we keep users in the loop.

Hear from a user

Andy Sowden

"Aura did something I didn't expect. It put the price up!!! And do you know what! The sales kept increasing!! I am not sure what magic the Aura team programmed but I am now selling this product for $2 more than Amazon and winning the buy box. That $2 increase just paid my Aura subscription for the month."

Advanced Amazon Repricing Software

Aura may surprise you with its decisions at times. Like Andy's situation above, Aura actually priced up while competing against Amazon and started increasing sales for Andy.

By letting Aura be the automatic pricing software expert and do it's thing, we're able to increase our users sales and profits. Who cares about more sales if there isn't more profits along side them? Our Amazon automatic pricing software maximizes both for our users.


Automatic Pricing Methods

Our goal as a company is to reduce the number of steps our users need to complete to start successfully repricing. We're able to do that using smarter methods within the software and machine learning methods to make more intelligent decisions.

Aura uses Automatic pricing methods so you can stop manaully entering minimum and maximum prices for hundres or thousands of SKUs that you carry. Less work, more time in the Buy Box.

We have a simple philosophy at Aura - more engineers, less sales people. That's how we're building the future of automatic pricing software using cutting-edge technologies.

We're building the future of repricing for Amazon sellers. Less work, more profits using real data.

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