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Repricing, Reimagined With Our Automated Seller Repricing Tool and Revenue Analytics


Repricing, Reimagined.

Basic repricing can raise your sales by as little as 30%. Imagine what advanced repricing can do for your sales. With Aura, you'll be able to control the Buy Box for 65%+ of the time against other repricing tools.

Integrations to streamline your workflow

The Amazon Buy Box

/bī bäks/

The Buy Box refers to the white box on the right side of the Amazon product detail page, where customers can add items for purchase to their cart.

AI-Based Amazon Seller Pricing Tool

Aura uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create a unique Amazon seller repricing tool that leaves other repricers wondering what they're missing. Want to consistently outperform other sellers? Let us do that for you.

Winning Strategies

With pre-made and custom strategies our Amazon FBA management software ‌makes repricing easy to get started with. Quickly set up or clone a strategy and tweak it to your needs to start dominating your sales.

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