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Amazon Seller Tools

With the right Amazon seller tools, anything is possible. That doesn’t mean that you should purchase every software in the marketplace.

Instead, here’s a highly filtered list of 15 tools that are incredibly helpful from each category of tools that will help you grow 10x in 2019.

8 Amazing Amazon Seller Tools for 2019

1. Refunds

Refunds Manager is an incredible tool that works quietly in the background by helping submit claims on your behalf. Instead of charging you for this service at a flat rate per month, they charge 25% of anything they recover for you.

In other words, they only get paid when they perform.

2. Repricing

Aura is an advanced, AI-based repricing tool that is currently changing the marketplace. Rather than relying on old technologies and too many salespeople, Aura focuses on cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to increase performance. Fewer salespeople, more engineers!

3. Feedback

Feedback Genius is an easy way to automate building both product reviews and seller feedback. They accomplish this by automating the messages sequences for you at the perfect time. Rather than manually requesting feedback or sending emails all day long, let Feedback Genius do that for you.

4. Finance

Payability allows you to quickly access your funds before Amazon releases them. This allows you to redeploy your capital quicker than every two weeks. Shifting from weekly or even daily payouts can be the difference between growing a massive business or not.

5. Taxes

TaxJar can get expensive as you grow with the tool but there’s something to be said about automation and convenience. TaxJar can automatically pull your sales data from Seller Central, calculate your sales tax liability for each state and, for an additional charge, automatically file your sales tax for each state you report to.

Not too shabby!

6. Sourcing

If you’re a wholesale seller, you know first hand the volume of suppliers you have to reach out to on a weekly basis. Vendrive CRM helps wholesale Amazon sellers stay organized using a Customer Relationship Management tool. You’re able to store your growing list of documents within each supplier’s profile, store their contact information, any notes you have that are important and consistently add more profitable suppliers each week.

7. Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC Entourage takes a very smart approach to Pay Per Click Advertising on Amazon. Rather than following simple rule-based campaigns, they allow more flexibility using automated bid controlling, campaign optimization, ACoS lowering and even adding underperforming keywords to your negative list.

8. Chrome Extensions

There are two major Chrome extensions that we’re fans of: Keepa and DS Amazon Quick View. Both tools are free - DS Amazon Quick View has a Pro option - and give you time-saving features. I couldn’t imagine sourcing without both of these tools.

Keepa shows you historical data on any listings, letting you know where the price has averaged over the last 3 months or a year or even how the ranking has performed in the same timeframe.

DS Amazon Quick View shows you how many FBA sellers are on a listing while on a search page - saving you from having to look deeper on every listings page - and even shows if Amazon is currently a seller or not.

While sourcing, these are incredible Amazon FBA tools!

Amazon Seller Tools
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