When one searches for the best amazon repricer, AI or Artificial Intelligence is not the first thing that comes to mind. That’s because an average Amazon seller is focused on using any available repricing software and compares the ones available rather than figuring out how the software works. This was not the case with James Yanyuk. A successful Amazon FBA seller who pretty much used all of the amazon repricing software out there and simply couldn’t find one that was good enough. James happened to be a computer science major from UMass with a focus in Artificial Intelligence, so naturally he dissected every code of software he used. He realized that winning the Buy Box by simply repricing amazon products was nothing more than a basic script running and he was paying for something that wasn’t doing a very good job at it. Well, Artificial Intelligence is what made all the difference in the world when James began thinking of a possible new repricer software. Artificial Intelligence or machine learning, is software coded in a way where the computer learns and gets better as you use the software more. The amazon repricer performs better and better as you feed it data and that’s how Aura was born - the best Amazon repricer!


About Aura - The best Amazon repricer

  • Aura is the best amazon repricer not because the UI is beautiful and is packed with a ton of useful features and key metrics, but because it performs the best. For one to claim that a certain amazon repricer is the best, there should be data to back it up. So, when Aura was released on goAura.com it was first open to beta users and the results were stunning! Basic reprices out there claim a 30% increase in the Buy Box or in sales and profits, well Aura's amazon buy box software showed 65% increase! This was far beyond expectations and the craziest thing about this is that was just the first week! Aura, powered by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, will only get better in performance! This is what makes Aura the best amazon repricer. Performance is everything that makes Aura the best, but once you use the software and see how well everything just works I think you’ll have a ton of other reasons to sign up. Give it a go at goAura.com

Winning the Buy Box

Of course the goal of the best amazon repricer is to win the Buy Box, right? Well, winning the Buy Box consists of many factors and the biggest one being price. This does not mean you can get away with bad feedback, ratings, SEO, PPC and optimization. Aura is a repricing tool meant to help Amazon FBA sellers increase sales and profits, not replace the entire operations with software ;) Though we do get some sad stories like that from Amazon sellers. Anyhow, it’s time to go after the Buy Box and makes some sales with the best Amazon repricer on the market. Start your free trial at goAura.com