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Big news coming from Aura Amazon Repricer!

There was no better time to use our Amazon repricer. If you’ve been following Aura‘a journey or are already using the Repricing Software, you know that we’ve come a long way and there is still so much to explore! While the goal is to constantly evolve, the priority is always customer satisfaction. This is why everything we do, we have you in mind. From the coding engine that drives the repricer to the visual designs that define the user interface & experience. Without spilling the beans, let us hint on the category that the big news coming is directly connected to. It’s you and how you sell on Amazon. Well couldn’t we be more vague? Let me explain.


The entire purpose of any subscription-based tool is to offer consistent value. Whether it’s monetary or in a form of time, the nature of selling on Amazon demands both. Before we get any further, I want to talk just a bit about what makes Amazon different from so many marketplaces out there. Obviously whatever it is it’s important to buyers hence the online marketplace is the leader, but we must look just a bit deeper as Amazon sellers. Personally, I come from selling on eBay and the concept may be very similar. We list our products online, set the price and wait for buyers to purchase. Sure, there are many factors that contribute to someone choosing one thing over another, but every online marketplace offers that. You want it shipped faster? It will cost more. Want to save money? Possibly but it used of search for a coupon code. Seller reviews? The list does not stop. Well, it’s one thing when we have the ability to decide for ourselves, but that’s the very step that changed the online game with Amazon. All the important decision-making was done for us! Everybody remembers the time we subscribed to Amazon prime and pressed that “Add to Cart” button. We thought we were making the entire decision on our own, but no - it was predestined. The area on Amazon where we see the price of the product along with shipping options is known as the Buy Box. Amazon is the one making the decision of who gets to be in there. Of course first you must be eligible. First of all, you selling account on Amazon must be professional. But being eligible for the Buy Box and getting the Buy Box are not the same thing. In fact, there is absolutely no guarantee that you’ll ever be in the Buy Box just because you’re eligible. Well this is where every professional seller agreed that the price is what plays the biggest role once you’ve made it. And this is exactly where a repricer comes in and Aura beats every last one of them in performance. No, it’s not just about repricing your products to be the lowest - it’s intelligently monitoring the competition while taking everything from your cost to volume into account and strategically working to maximize your profits. Because once you’re in the Buy Box, your profits will sky rocket and Aura repricing software will make sure you’re always generating the maximum profit. And to those reading this just because you're researching the industry or Amazon FBA specifically, join our Amazon FBA Wholesale group on Facebook and I encourage you to try Aura free by going to goaura.com

Big news coming from Aura Amazon Repricer!
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