There’s a reason why Aura is the fastest Amazon repricer to win the Buy box, and that reason is AI. Artificial Intelligence. Built on the latest infrastructure, what happens behind the scenes is beyond the capability of any Amazon pricing tool. Aura Repricer is faster and more powerful. With an average repricing speed of 1-2 minutes, this is 8 times faster than the leading competitor. In short, your road to the Buy Box is shorter which means sales and profits are larger quicker. If you’re looking for performance and speed in an amazon Repricer, the answer is Aura. Because artificial intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to repricing your products, analyzing competition in real time and taking your specified rules into consideration, that sounds impossible to accomplish quickly. Never mind consistently doing this for the life of your Amazon store and all your SKU’s. Artificial Intelligence gives a brain to Aura’s Repricer. Instead of a regular FBA repricing software that simply does what it was programmed to do, AI can make the decisions smarter because the software has a brain of its own. One that surpasses a human brain so even when you can make mistakes, Aura won’t.

Smart Optimized Strategies

Aura uses prebuilt strategies to win the Buy box and you can set everything up in 10 minutes. Simply plug in you min price and max and before you know it you’ll be in business of repricing. That is the fastest Amazon repricer! With ability to make millions of calculations a second, Aura Repricer is the answer to winning the buy box. It’s simply the fastest Repricer! There’s very little you’ll need to do, so with the pre-set strategies you have time to focus on other things with your Amazon seller account, while Aura runs in the background and makes you money.

Win the Buy Box

The whole point of an Amazon Repricer is to win the Buy box! After all, that’s how you make your sales on Amazon! Aura users report 65% increase in sales and see the significant increase from first week. See their raves on the Amazon FBA Facebook group Most of these users are comparing the data to other Repricers they’ve used in the past. So in addition to being the fastest Amazon repricer, it is also the most efficient one.

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