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First AI-based Amazon Repricer

When one begins their search for an Amazon reprice tool, it is not often that “AI” or “AI-based” is seen. Though we all know that AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, not all agree that automated software is AI. With any software, there is code written to give a certain output based on the users input. That’s as far as any automation goes for an Amazon repricer that’s a competitor of Aura. With Aura, the automation gets smarter or learns as it goes. That’s what makes Aura the greatest, fastest and most effective repricer on the market. So if your an Amazon FBA seller, buckle up and sit back. You’re about to experience what took years in the making and will define the future of selling on Amazon and owning the buy box. But first, let me present a video made for our launch:

About the Creator

My name is Artem Martynyuk and I’m a nobody in this whole thing. James Yanyuk is all the brains. James is a computer science graduate from UMass with a focus in artificial intelligence. The one that started selling on amazon while still in college and achieved his 6 figure salary before even graduating! While doing so, this genius seen the demand for a repricing tool that did not exist. Long story short, after long nights and endless months, this is how Aura - Repricer “Repricing, Reimagined.” was born. This is James Yanyuk:


What Aura can do for You

Aura repricer can and will increase your amazon sales by 60% repricing your products in real time using an automated AI-based technology and get you in the buy box more often than not. I mean for virtually pennies on the dollar on your return, this is the single most important tool any Amazon FBA seller can dream of. The only amazon sellers not using Aura are the ones that don’t know about it. Aura isn’t just a genius Amazon repricing software, it also offers easy and fast insight on everything you need at a glance. Of course the main goal is to maximize your time in the Buy Box, the power behind the machine learning comes with a ton of extra cool features. With winning strategies, the ability to define and focus on your competitors, Aura offers key metrics for you to be the most effective seller on Amazon.

Aura Repricer Results

With just days into the best launch, our users were raving all over Facebook with positive results day in and day out. “IYour repricer so far... MIND BLOWN!” one user said and “The market NEEDS this. It i sbeing dominated by Bqool which is a horrible product overall from my year with them when they tanked my listings, and now infomored is pricing people to the point it's just way overpriced for what it does and their customer service has tanked.” said another. I mean, don’t take our or their word for it, check it out for yourself!

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First AI-based Amazon Repricer
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