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Our Amazon Repricing Software is Making Headlines!

No better feeling than seeing the hard work pay off. As with Amazon FBA sellers who break a new record or even make their first sale, Aura has been in business for a year and is making headlines. From Amazon Facebook groups such as "Amazon FBA Wholesale" & "Amazon FBA Rockstars!" to YouTube videos such as this one:

And of course the repricing list wouldn't be complete without an Instagram post:

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Last night I had an idea. Two ideas, actually. Both which would benefit an Amazon seller like you. . The first idea would help you get organized and efficient, so you can keep track of leads, contacts, and suppliers. . ...And the second idea would be perfect for you if you have multiple products to reprice on Amazon and you want to automate the entire process instead of doing it manually all the time. . So, what if I were to give you the *magic pill* that would solve both these headaches? How amazing would that be? Well, you’re going to love this because I’m going to give you….. . ….Two Special Unadvertised Bonuses NOT mentioned on the sales page (or anywhere else) when you join The Wholesale Academy. . Introducing 2 of the top Softwares for Amazon Sellers (FREE) for 3 months! . First up, there’s @GoAura. Aura is my favorite Amazon repricing software and its perfect for when you have multiple products listed on Amazon and need to constantly reprice them. . As Amazon sellers we need to constantly raise, lower, and adjust our prices to stay competitive with other sellers and win the Buy Box. When we have a lot of listings it can get challenging and not to mention time consuming to reprice them constantly. Aura can do all of this for you AND without you! . Imagine getting back those hours because you no longer have to manually monitor and adjust pricing multiple times a day. . If you were to purchase Aura on your own, it would cost you approximately $100 per month. But it’s yours for free when join The Wholesale Academy. . That’s a total savings of $300 and countless working hours. . And the second software is one that takes organization to the next level ⇒ Vendrive. . With Vendrive you can get organized, efficient, and effortlessly keep track of your leads, contacts, and suppliers. . But wait there’s MORE! I’m also giving students of the Wholesale academy an additional $200 worth in discounts of popular Amazon software such as: . Rev Seller AMZ Analyzer, Jungle Scout, Tactical Arbitrage, Keepa, And a few more! . Price (and this crazy unadvertised bonuses) will disappear on Monday night at 11:59 PM EST. As always, if you have questions - hit me up ✌️

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More and more Amazon FBA sellers are signing-up, switching over and discovering Aura repricing software. Perhaps the only genuine Amazon repricer that is powered by machine learning. Capable of repricing listings in real-time, the software is integrated with InventoryLab and is highly praised by the users. Typical screenshots of reviews look like this:


The data does not lie. If you're looking to get in the Buy Box and increase your sales, you need to start using Aura today. With no commitment, try the software FREE for 14 days and see your sales soar! Aura is the fastest Amazon repricer on the market and performs up to 15x faster in comparison to any top leading repricers. Aura is arguably the best Amazon repricing software of 2019 & now 2020.

Our Amazon Repricing Software is Making Headlines!
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