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Why Aura is the best Amazon Repricer of 2019

If you’re selling on Amazon, you should probably know what an Amazon Repricer is. Whether or not you’re using one, depends on what you’re selling. If your products ever required you to change the price because of your competitor to win the buy box, you’re in the right search. An Amazon Repricer is a tool that changes the prices of your SKU’s depending on your competitors activity and buy box status. You predefine the minimum and maximum price and it does the rest! Your assurance is profit and a ton of sale. Or in this case, 40% more on average. So what is Aura and why do we claim that it’s the best Repricer of 2019? Well, besdies being the most affordable one with more perfomance than any Corvette, it actually does what it's supposed to do. How many repricers did you try before landing on this page? How many YouTube videos did you watch? How many groups and forums did you spend hours on? Let's face it - there's a lot of empty promises out there. Amazon repricers that simply cannot do what they're designed to do. Why? Because their software is a simple script that can't adapt to real-time activity and certainly can't withstand the power of AI that Aura is packed with. In other words, there's a big boy in town and things are changing.

Changes on Amazon Platform

In 2019, Amazon announced a few changes that resulted in increased fees for sellers. Nothing a few extra dollars in profit won’t cover and Aura can take on that responsibility. In fact, it’ll bring a whole lot more than just a bit.

Aura Amazon Repricer competes with Seller Fulfilled Prime, and can identify and compete against the Used Buy Box for Used products. As you may be aware, there are two buy boxes, and most repricers can only handle repricing new products. This puts aura ahead of all the competitors, making it the best Repricer of 2019. We've put Aura to the test against Informed & BQool. Both failed miserably. Aura was not only the fastest one to log repricing events, but the smartest. We'd hate for you to take our word for it, so check out some of these Amazon Facebook Groups and see what real users are saying about Aura:

Amazon FBA Rockstars!
Amazon FBA Wholesale

About Aura - Amazon Repricer

Aura is powered by machine learning. Artificial Intelligence software developed by James Yanyuk, a computer science major who is a successful Amazon seller. Majority of the resources went into the software repriccing tool, instead of the typical sales & marketing that you will find with the competition. This makes Aura the leading Amazon Repricing software! This is real:


While many users will see a huge boost in sales, the average is about 40% and is pretty crazy! The 14 day trial assures you will absolutely love using Aura and its repricing abilities will not only win you the Buy Box, but pay for itself. Start your free trial now!

Why Aura is the best Amazon Repricer of 2019
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