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Amazon: Win the Buy Box with a Repricer

Alright Amazon sellers, forget everything you know about the Buy Box and a Repricer. Okay, maybe not everything. We know the basics of being a professional seller on amazon and the importance of having an Amazon plan of action and maintaining everything on the top level from your customer service to logistics. While many think that price is everything there is to winning the buy box, well it certainly is if everything else checks out. At the end of the day, if your competitor is on the same or better level than you are, price will be dominant factor. So how does one keep up with every competitors price out there for every product you sell? A day gone by could be the considering factor for your profits that week. This is where automated software comes in. Programmed to be repricing your products for you based on your competitors data. That is how you win the Buy Box!

**Amazon Repricer **

  • While there are a few of amazon pricing software, there is only one artificially intelligent. One that learns as it goes and is smarter, faster and more effective than any given one on the market. One that get your profits up by 60%, can handle any number of SKU’s in real-time and offer metrics on a whole different level! It’s name is Aura. Aura - Repricing, Reimagined. The future amazon seller software for all Amazon FBA sellers. It will help you dominate the Buy Box.

Aura was created by a successful Amazon FBA wholesale seller, James Yanyuk. A computer science graduate with a focus in AI from the University of Massachusetts, or UMass as referred to hipsters and students alike. James is replica of Elon Musk who channels 100% of all his knowledge and skills into Amazon. How did he manage to run a full scale warehouse selling on Amazon and coding in another office full of engineers, developing Aura, is still a mystery to all of us. I’ll spare you the technical stuff and write out the obvious: AURA IS THE BEST AMAZON REPRICER EVER CREATED BY HUMANS AND PERFECTED BY AI. Let’s read some actual reviews from our users:

It's been only a few hours, maybe 48. Your repricer so far: MIND BLOWN!
It's fu--ing magic. Seriously. My sales are sick. My friends' sales are down (we share sources) so we know it's kicking butt!
The market NEEDS this. It is being dominated by Bqool which is a horrible product overall from my year with them when they tanked my listingsm and now informed is pricing people to the point it's just overpriced.

These are taken directly from our beta users from the first Aura beta release. The software is already doing wonders and we are amazed at the responses! However, the hard work put in is finally paying off. We are wishing you the best in the selling world and hope that your stores start blowing up!


What are you waiting for? Start your free trial today and watch your sales soar!

Amazon: Win the Buy Box with a Repricer
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