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With the Best Amazon Repricer & Revenue Analytics

With the use of automatic Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Aura maximizes your time in the Amazon Buy Box, increasing both sales and profits for FBA sellers.

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Increase Profit and Sales

Aura enables its users to increase their Amazon sales and profits with effective repricing strategies to beat competitors.

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Powered By Machine Learning

Aura is powered by artificial intelligence, so the longer you use it, the more effective it becomes against your competition.

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Start Repricing in 10 Minutes

Although we're an advanced repricer, we're not difficult to set up. Imagine increasing your Amazon sales within the next ten minutes.


Repricing, Reimagined.

Basic repricing can raise your sales by as little as 30%. Imagine what advanced repricing can do for your sales. With Aura, you'll be able to control the Buy Box for 65%+ of the time against other repricing tools.

Integrations to streamline your workflow

Partnered prep center

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The Amazon Buy Box

/bī bäks/

The Buy Box refers to the white box on the right side of the Amazon product detail page, where customers can add items for purchase to their cart.

Own the Buy Box

Pricing is the most significant factor taken into consideration by Amazon for which seller is awarded the Buy Box.

The key to more sales is to maximize ownership of the Buy Box with Aura. We are the solution that will set you apart from all other Amazon sellers with untouched repricing technology and automation.

Here's a deeper explanation of the Buy Box by Amazon
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Winning Strategies

With pre-made and custom strategies repricing is easy to get started with. Quickly set up or clone a strategy and tweak it to your needs to start dominating your sales.

  • Featured Merchants

  • Lowest Price

  • Custom Strategy

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Easily Define Your Competitors

Quickly decide whom you want Aura to reprice against, factoring in fulfillment type, backordered status, whether Amazon is on the listing, and more.

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See Key Metrics

Quickly attribute repricing actions to increases in sales, and see how your listing perform over time. Add in your costs, and unlock detailed profit analytics.

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