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AI – optimal strategies in real time

Think of Aura as your Amazon repricing copilot, automatically determining the best strategy in real time for each of your listings. This advanced tool takes the hassle out of micromanaging your prices, allowing you to focus on broader aspects of your Amazon business. With automated repricing powered by AI, Aura adapts to market changes fast while following your minimum and maximum prices.

This intelligent approach safeguards your margins and keeps you competitive in the fast-paced Amazon world. Let Aura's AI capabilities elevate your business strategy, transforming how you approach Amazon sales.

AI – optimal strategies in real time

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Create automated rules to manage your listings.

Pricing activity

See a log of every price update, what happened, and why.


Update your listings in bulk using Excel or Sheets.

Auto min/max

Calculate values using ROI, Profit Margin, Fixed Profit, and Profit Floor.


Automatically import data like costs from other tools like InventoryLab.


Export critical data to make better decisions.

Aura support

Support that is never outsourced.


World-class customer support based in Boston, MA. Chat with our support team 5 days a week from 9 to 5 EST.


Chat with Aura pros around the world 24 hours/7 days a week.

Our customers

... serious Apple vibes, and I love the simplicity of the AI/Maven strategy ... the AI strategy is so easy and smart and I saw a difference right away as soon as I converted all of my listings to it.


Absolutely love Aura! Literally a game changer for all sellers at any level. They have best customer service EVER... The software is easy to navigate and it keeps getting better…so many reasons to choose Aura!!

Nesha Howell

Aura has allowed me to spend time with my children and grow my business from 5k last year to currently 157k just this year... Since having Aura I have been able to expand my catalog and actually increase my roi from 20% to 40%+.

Ashley Carber

Prior to starting my free trial my sales were abysmal ... the software raised many of my prices without relinquishing the buy box. Within three days running Aura had increased my sales by 200% over the previous 7 days.

John Carter

Very clean interface, easy to use, love the Al repricing idea, and we definitely see an increase in sales AND margin, which is the main job of a repricer and you guys seem to be crushing it on the functionality front from the data that we have so far.

Roschaad Milner

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