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Amazon Repricing Software

Why You Should Be Using Amazon Repricing Software

Every Amazon seller will be faced with some kind of growing pains. For most, it’s a capital pain and for others, it’s an inventory pain.

What’s common amongst sellers is a growing pain that can’t be fixed by a person - optimizing the prices for hundreds (or thousands) of SKUs every hour of every day.

That’s where Amazon repricing software comes to the rescue.

Why Amazon Repricing Software

Repricing software uses computers for heavy lifting. Rather than you refreshing your listings every 5-10 minutes and hoping you have a fast enough response time, repricers do this for you in a matter of seconds.

In addition to saving you time from watching your listings like a mad-person, repricing software can quickly calculate what to do once a price change is needed.

Could you imagine spending 24/7 watching your listings, refreshing them every 30 seconds, quickly calculating the correct price change to make and then making that change? This also assumes that there’s only one change to be made at a time.

What if you had to do this with 10+ SKUs at the exact same time?

Repricing software does more than save you time - although that’s important and valuable. They also increase your profit by increasing your revenue.

If you had to sum up why anyone should use Amazon repricing software it’s that it makes you more money as a business. This is achieved by increasing the time you’re actively in the Buy Box.

Once we’ve increased your time in the buy box, and your sales for that matter, we work on optimizing that time. Aura handles this differently than most, as we can increase your sales while in the buy box using your Maintenance feature of our Strategy Builder.

What to Look for in a Repricing Tool

Repricing software is everywhere these days and it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to deduce the good from the bad.

Some tools are built for a very specific user. Often built by a seller for themselves. Although their tool works perfectly for them, it wouldn’t work for another seller as it’s too specific to their repricing rules and doesn’t take into account flexibility.

Alternatively, you have tools that are built by outsourced teams who have no prior knowledge of the industry. Although they are technically proficient, they aren’t the best team for understanding things from a sellers point of view.

You need a happy mixture of engineering know-how and industry knowledge.

When looking for your first (or third!) repricing software, look for a tool that’s built to be flexible and grow with you.

  • Is that tool adding multiple marketplaces like eBay, Jet or Walmart? Is that tool built specifically for Online Retail Arbitrage sellers or can it work great regardless of your business model?

These are questions to ask yourself while comparing the major Amazon repricing software tools on the market. The answers to these questions can ensure you make the best decision given your situation so you never have to make it again.

Picking your next repricing tool doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need to know what you’re looking for.

Amazon Repricing Software
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