/BuyBoxer: Who Are They, and What Do They Do?

BuyBoxer: Who Are They, and What Do They Do?
Jun 25, 2021 8 min read

BuyBoxer: Who Are They, and What Do They Do?

Dillon Carter
Dillon Carter
Co-Founder, COO at Aura

Imagine outgrowing your own Amazon FBA business, and spinning off into additional services? This is exactly the case of BuyBoxer, Amazon’s 8th biggest seller in terms of sales volume. While BuyBoxer’s catalog extends to over 300,000 active listings on Amazon, BuyBoxer also serves as a retailer-agency hybrid that specializes in Amazon account and brand management. Here, we’ll take a look at their Amazon Seller storefront along with the services and solutions they offer.

BuyBoxer’s Presence on Amazon:

It is fair to say that BuyBoxer has an elite presence on the Amazon.com marketplace. BuyBoxer currently has an active catalog containing over 300,000 listings, all in the Fulfillment by Amazon program.

BuyBoxer has existed since 1999, when their first listings appeared on the early Amazon.com marketplace. Since 2009, BuyBoxer has been utilizing the Fulfillment by Amazon program, which has shown to be a huge lever of growth for the ecommerce giant. According to their website, BuyBoxer has reported a volume of over $250 million in revenue, to date.

BuyBoxer’s seller metrics are impressive, to say the least. Looking at their lifetime seller Feedback Ratings, BuyBoxer has a grand total of 437,790 total ratings. This is among the highest of seller feedback rating volumes you will find on Amazon. Among those half-million ratings, BuyBoxer has managed to maintain a remarkable 99% positive rating, with only 1% being negative. From the time of this writing, BuyBoxer currently has a 100% feedback rating in the past 90 days, across 3,677 customer ratings. Impressive by all standards.

BuyBoxer’s Services and Solutions:

BuyBoxer is a self-described hybrid company, consisting of being both a retailer as well as an agency. With the retailer end existing on Amazon, BuyBoxer’s services as an agency include an Amazon Brand Positioning Report, Amazon account management, as well as marketing and photography services.

In addition to these in-house services, BuyBoxer is also the developer of the app SmartScout, an Amazon brand and product research tool. Below, we’ll break down each of their services and solutions, and provide insight into which might be the best fit for you.

Amazon Brand Positioning Report

BuyBoxer offers a proprietary Amazon Brand Positioning Report, which is a personalized report promised within 24 hours. Included in the report, sellers can expect help identifying and mitigating weaknesses with their brand presence, as well as a competitors' analysis. Also included is information on which products, sales rankings, and review scores are in the seller’s best interest to compete against.

Account Management

BuyBoxer’s services for account management reach wider than most, and include services for Vendor Central management on top of Seller Central account management. Also offered are solutions for rouge seller management, transitioning, as well as Amazon International and brand strategies.

Here is a more thorough breakdown of these services, in BuyBoxer's own words:

Vendor Central Management:

"Our Amazon experts can manage your brand’s Vendor Central account. This managing comes in the forms of marketing, A+ content creation and merchandising, and advertising."

Seller Central Management:

"You sell under your brand name and we’ll manage it. Our Amazon experts will assist in planning, marketing, and merchandising to maintain your account health."

Rouge Seller Management:

"Through monitoring sellers weekly, we provide an up-to-date service that keeps only those authorized by you, working with your brand. Protecting the retail price and MAP on Amazon, not only improves your online presence, but improves your other retail accounts as well."

Marketplace Transitioning:

"Have you thought about transitioning away from Vendor Central? We are here to help you every step of the way. Transitioning to Seller Central allows greater freedom, control on pricing, and increased margins and profits."

Amazon International:

"As the second largest Amazon Marketplace outside of the U.S., Amazon Europe represents an opportunity to sell your products to millions of new, organic consumers. Amazon EU's product categories may not be as saturated as those in the U.S."

Brand Strategy:

"Work with our Amazon experts to prepare, plan, and execute goals for your brand. Using marketing, Seller Management, MAP, and forecast ordering, we create sustainable growth and protect brand identity."


BuyBoxer also offers several services in the marketing arena, including digital advertising, merchandising, and reporting. Below is a more granular breakdown of each of these services, as presented by BuyBoxer:


"Our team of professionals provide top quality service in your brand’s online presence.

Not all products are going to sell and it is important to know what will sell; even if it is a new, up-and-coming product. Pick and choose what you want to advertise and we will do the rest."


"We work with you and your top or up-and-coming products in creating clean, easy to navigate, online storefronts. Adding images, videos, text, and links to your product pages gives customers easy access to your products!"


"Get our weekly Amazon Business Report (ABR). This report gives you up to date information regarding your products’ weekly, monthly, and year-to-date sales.

The report also includes information on who is selling your products, what they’re selling, and the prices they’re selling at."


BuyBoxer’s final service comes in the form of photography, which is optimized specifically for Amazon listing images. BuyBoxer offers solutions that include white background images, infographic and graphic design, as well as lifestyle images. You may also request a model be included in the photoshoot, for a more realistic application of the product.

SmartScout Research Tool:

BuyBoxer developed SmartScout, a tool designed to research profitable brands and products from the Amazon catalog. SmartScout claims to be the most innovative Amazon research tool available. Built by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers, SmartScout includes data on categories, subcategories, seller maps, traffic graphs, brand scores, and much more.

Currently, SmartScout is available in three different tiers; Starter ($97/month), Pro ($197/month), and Enterprise ($297/month). Each tier may be paid annually in-full, and will include a 20% discount off of the standard monthly subscription. In addition, SmartScout offers a free 7-day trial, as well as a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.


BuyBoxer is one of the undisputed champions in Amazon’s ecosystem, and has the metrics to prove it. With the breadth of their active catalog, it is likely you have stumbled across a listing in which BuyBoxer sells on at some point in time. With BuyBoxer’s array of services and solutions, it is safe to say that they are indeed the full-service, hybrid agency that they claim they are. If you are an Amazon seller, it may be worth exploring some of BuyBoxer’s offerings, on and off the Amazon marketplace.

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