/DS Amazon Quick View Review: Source Like a Pro

DS Amazon Quick View Review: Source Like a Pro
Jul 9, 2021 5 min read

DS Amazon Quick View Review: Source Like a Pro

Dillon Carter
Dillon Carter
Co-Founder, COO at Aura

In the sea of Amazon seller tools, DS Amazon Quick View has created a well-known name for itself. Offered as an extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, DS Amazon Quick View is a research productivity tool designed to make product sourcing more efficient.

DS Amazon Quick View is offered in two forms, the standard DS Amazon Quick View in addition to an Extended version with added functionality. While both the standard and extended version can be downloaded for free, the extended version is a “freemium” tool; with a license key available for purchase. The license key can be purchased here, for a one-time fee of $25, and offers greater insights and functionality when using the tool.

What functionality does DS Amazon Quick View offer?

DS Amazon Quick View is available as a Chrome Extension for Google Chrome with compatibility for Mozilla Firefox. DS Amazon Quick View will live in the browser’s toolbar, while its functionality will appear on the Amazon.com webpage.

On Amazon.com, when enabled, a supplemental data box will be added beneath each listing. Inside this box, DS Amazon Quick View will display the BSR (Best Sellers Rank) for each product, as well as information on the listings’ sellers. This information will include the number of FBA sellers on the listing, as well as whether Amazon themselves is selling the item.

In addition to the data box underneath each listing, hovering over the listing’s image will also provide additional information. When hovering, a box will appear showing detailed product information, such as technical data including weight, dimensions, battery information, Best Sellers Rank, as well as the date the item was first available for sale.

What is the difference between the standard and extended versions?

While the standard version of DS Amazon Quick View offers detailed information on sales rank and detailed product information, DS Amazon Quick View Extended offers a new level of detail and efficiency. In addition to the features of the standard version, Extended offers the added benefits:

  • Support for all Amazon domains and international marketplaces
  • Listings' pricing history
  • Interactive Keepa graphs
  • Lowest FBA offer data
  • Suppressed Buy Box data
  • Filtering/sorting by price, BSR, review score, listings with Amazon, and more
  • Exportable data to CSV

Do I need to pay for DS Amazon Quick View?

DS Amazon Quick View is available for a free download, in both the standard and extended versions. The only cost associated with DS Amazon Quick View is found in the extended version, as a one-time cost of $25 This cost unlocks the full functionality of the tool, includes the added features listed above.

Pros of DS Amazon Quick View

  • Many essential functions are free
  • Exists seamlessly within the Amazon.com catalog
  • Makes sourcing more efficient
  • Ability to sort/exclude listings on the Amazon.com catalog
  • Provides data without needing to leave the tab
  • Extended version offers additional features/functionality

Cons of DS Amazon Quick View

  • Not as detailed as other tools, such as JungleScout
  • Lacks sales velocity and demand forecasting
  • Lacks functionality to compare products
  • Only available on Amazon.com (unless upgraded to Extended version)


Overall, we are fans of DS Amazon Quick View. Downloading the tool consists of just a few clicks on the Chrome Extension webstore, and listing data appears immediately after download. The “freemium” version works here, especially because much of the data is available on the free version.

The extended version, along with $25 up charge, is suitable for more serious sellers who want the most out of DS Amazon Quick View, and who want the most amount of data available to them, in the most efficient manner. Being a single, one-time charge, I personally find the extended version to offer a compelling value, as its sorting/filtering functionality magically makes listings that do not fit a criteria magically disappear from the catalog. For serious product sourcing, DS Amazon Quick View comes to mind for many as an essential tool, and its efficiency further proves this.

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