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Beta & Community Milestone 🎉

I'd like to start by thanking everyone who's been participating in our incredibly helpful Facebook community for Amazon FBA sellers. Our group has just surpassed a milestone of 2,500 members.

It wouldn't have been possible without our talented staff and group contributors. The amount of value and support I see thrown around on a daily basis is astounding.


If you haven't yet joined, and are either looking to start selling through Amazon FBA, or are a seasoned vet looking to exchange more advanced tips and tricks of the trade, feel free to check it out!

What is Aura?
For those unaware, Aura is our internal repricer powered by Artificial Intelligence. We've worked hard to build out a system which adapted to the pricing strategies of competitors, while keeping the system as hands-off and simple to use as possible. We'll determine what metrics matter most to getting the Amazon Buy Box based on your overall business interests.

What is a repricer?
A repricer automates the process of updating your prices on a marketplace – Amazon in this case – in order to get you the most time in the Amazon Buy Box while remaining profitable.

On Amazon, the Buy Box accounts for over 82% of all sales through the marketplace. Price is the largest factor taken into consideration by Amazon to determine which seller gets the Buy Box at any given time. With the influx of new sellers, it is more important than ever to monitor your pricing to ensure you get your fair share of the Buy Box.

Using special algorithms leveraging artificial intelligence and enormous amounts of data, Aura is capable of studying the repricing strategies of and dynamically adapting to your competition for each listing to dominate the Buy Box.

In short:
Aura will increase both sales and profit.


Now what about the beta?
Let me answer this by first explaining our process for rolling out Aura, as this is a question asked frequently.


As pricing is a very sensitive component of any ecommerce business, and one we don't take lightly, we're looking to minimize any risk of mishap. Aura has several failsafes in place to ensure your pricing always stays within the bounds of your min and max prices, although for those migrating from other repricing solutions, we understand that we must be effective from day one.

To support this, we need to maintain an incredibly high level of support on standby during roll-out, to monitor existing customers and onboard new ones. This also means we need to be very proactive about and responsive to bug-fixes.

To make this possible, we're going to be releasing new "seats" to the Aura platform in small groups, incrementally. This will give us the opportunity to personalize the onboarding of new customers, whether you're new to the concept of repricing on the Amazon marketplace, or are migrating from another solution.

How do I get in?
We're putting a waitlist in place to control the flow of new users we bring in. Sign up for early access at goaura.com. Within the next two weeks, we'll be pulling users in from the waitlist.

Once you're on the list, you'll be updated via email when selected, detailing instructions on how to proceed.


Signed up for the waitlist through other means in the past?
Don't worry, we'll have you added to the list manually with your respective timestamp.

Currently using the Vendrive CRM? Send us a message from there, and you'll receive a bonus. 🎁

Aura is brought to you by the team behind Vendrive CRM. Cheers!

Beta & Community Milestone 🎉
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