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Real Time Repricer for Amazon Sellers

A real time repricer is one that can both pick up a price change of your competitor and apply a lower price on your product to compete for the Buy Box. You're an Amazon seller and you're aware of the way the Buy Box works, but even if you win the Buy Box that doesn't guarantee you'll stay there. A real time repricer can increase your chances of that happening due to the simple fact that does the job faster. Let me introduce you to Aura. A real time Amazon repricer developed by an Amazon FBA seller. Everything from the user interface to the coding that happens behind the scenes had you in mind. James Yanyuk, who is the creator and current CEO of Aura, graduated from UMass with a degree in Computer Science that was primarily focused in Artificial Intelligence. Take a look at this beauty:


It works just as beautiful as it looks! Don't take our word for it though, hop on over into the Amazon FBA Wholesale Facebook group and read the buzz. Besides the talk about the repricer, there's a ton of members who offer a ton of tips selling on Amazon. So whether you're a beginner or a pro, you can learn and offer quite something. Besides, you'll be in a community with people that think and work like you! You have nothing to lose there.

A Powerful Amazon Seller Pricing Tool

Aura is a powerful Amazon tool that should be used by all sellers. Honestly, one can't scale a business without it. The idea of freeing up time by having this real time repricer do the most important job for you (making sales) is priceless. With 15 days free trial, Aura only costs $57/mo after to bring you 65% more sales! I'm not a math major, but this is almost not even a factor. The coolest thing about Aura is that it's powered by machine learning - AI. You've read that right, Artificial Intelligence. The Amazon software is built on incredibly smart code that gives the repricer a brain of its own. Literally. The repricer gets smarter as it goes, taking a ton of data into its intelligence and uses it for unmatched performance. We even tested its skills against all of the competition and the results were embarrassing. Really! Once you try Aura, you'll never go back. Start your Amazon repricing tool free trial today.

Real Time Repricer for Amazon Sellers
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