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Amazon Automatic Pricing Software

Whether you’re a brand new seller or an experienced one, an Amazon Automatic Pricing Software is something you should be using as a growth lever for your business. It’s an easy way to regain hours of your day, increase your daily sales and get you to that next level.


Repricing Software is a perfect blend of automation with minimal cost. Rather than using automation in the traditional sense of the word, Amazon automatic pricing software borders on automation and using algorithms to do the heavy lifting of ensuring that you’re in the Buy Box. A repricing tool uses a set of steps - your settings - to make decisions when specific situations present themselves on a particular listing.

As an example, if they Buy Box has shifted upwards, Aura, our own repricing software, will look to reprice you up to where the Buy Box has shifted to. Likewise, you may want to reprice differently while competing against Amazon than you would a normal FBA seller. Telling your repricing software how to handle these situations means the tool will automatically deploy the exact strategy without needing you to be aware of what’s happening.

Instead of relying on your own reaction time, use technology like Aura to automatically get to work when needed with under 60 second repricing times 24/7. No vacation days, no sick time and no downtime. Just smooth, advanced repricing to keep your Buy Box percentage as high as possible, which leads to an increase in sales.

Amazon automatic pricing software enables you to shift your time back to what matters most; sourcing more profitable inventory for your business growth. While you’re busy working on adding new ASINs, Aura is busy ensuring that they are a selling success.

What’s great about Aura is our support and technical team. Instead of subscribing to another repricing software, you’re bringing on a team dedicated to your automatic Pricing success. We’re there to help you optimize your strategies, add new features, answer questions, and ensure that it’s a success for you as a user. Give Aura a try at goaura.com

Amazon Automatic Pricing Software
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