/Using Features Of The Keepa Chrome Extension To Your Advantage

Using Features Of The Keepa Chrome Extension To Your Advantage
Jan 14, 2021 8 min read

Using Features Of The Keepa Chrome Extension To Your Advantage

Dillon Carter
Dillon Carter
Co-Founder, COO at Aura

The Keepa Chrome Extension is a price tracking service. It is one of the most detailed software that offer useful insights on Amazon products. With a wide variety of features, Keepa can display extensive data right on Amazon. This browser extension should be seen as a necessity for online sellers. The following tools on Keepa can help you stay current in the marketplace through its constant updates on price trends.

Features of the Keepa Chrome Extension

1. Notifications for Product Availability and Price Drops

Directly on the Amazon product page, you can track a certain product item. You can set Keepa to monitor the item and send you an alert on product availability or a drop of the item price. You then customize the parameters to when you want to get alerted. Parameters are the desired prices of the product. You are allowed to differ the prices on an item depending on if it’s new or used. Sellers can be notified through text, Twitter, Facebook, or email.

2. Price History Charts

View a screen-wide chart that displays the full history of the price of a product. Here are some price factors that are depicted and broken down in the price history chart:

  • Amazon Price
  • New Product
  • Used Product
  • Listing Price
  • Deals from the Warehouse
  • FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)
  • FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant)
  • Sales Rank
  • Different condition levels of used products

The horizontal title of the price chart is the time period. Depending on your goals, you can edit your time frame to view price history by day, week, month, quarter, year, or all. The vertical line displays the price amount.

3. Analyze International Prices on Amazon

Beat the competition by finding the product that you sell for the lowest price possible. Resell the cheapest price of your product by expanding your business internationally. The Keepa Chrome extension enables you to view prices from 10 different countries, and you can filter the results in just seconds. You can save time and earn higher margins by utilizing this feature. This is your competitive edge.

4. Earn Higher Margins with Daily Deals

On top of getting alerts on price drops for your products, you can view the largest daily price drops on all of Amazon.

This updates on a daily basis. You can filter the results by:

  • Category
  • Condition of the product
  • Price Range
  • Time Period

Daily Deals shows sellers the percent drop too.

5. Best Seller List

View the highest sales rank for products by category. Other useful pieces of information are presented as well. For instance, if you’re searching in the jewelry category and see that a gold watch is the bestseller. You can view its:

  • 5-Star Rating
  • Number count of reviews
  • Most Recent Price Change Date
  • Current Price
  • Average Price

This can be broken down by new or used products too. The list can hold up to 500,000 ASINs.

Not only can you see the best-selling products, you can also see the best-selling merchants. This Keepa Chrome extension lets you view the top sellers and their metrics. Data is displayed by graph too.

6. Product Viewer

This feature enables Amazon sellers to export and import product lists. The benefit of Product Viewer is that 10,000 items can all be uploaded from Amazon and formed into 1 large list. Then they can be filtered by data specs. Sellers have the option to load lists by ASIN, UPC, or text file.

7. Product Finder

The Keepa Chrome extension has an Amazon product database, which is why they can track hundreds of millions of items constantly. We already know the mass data provided for each product. Also, the product list is quite overwhelming, so you may not know the actual name of the product you are looking for. With the Product Finder, you can search any criteria (ASIN, Category, Type, etc.), search results will narrow down to it. This saves a lot of research time, and it’s still helping you make quick and smart decisions.

8. Amazon Wishlist

Customize your product price watches by importing possible items to resell. Rather than constantly searching, have your most favorable items all on the same list.

9. Category Tree

This feature allows users to easily browse through Amazon products by category. As you browse, categories expand into the shape of a tree. This form makes it simple for people to digest. It also enables you to instantly compare similar products.

10. Track Price Increases

This is vital to keeping your business profitable. I mentioned that you can get notified when there is a drop in price from your list. But you can also get notified when there's a dramatic rise in price. When you have a product you're selling, you can set a threshold parameter. This allows you to know when you should stop selling a certain product because its price is too high.


All of these features can be used on a desktop through Keepa API (Application Programming Interface). The Keepa Chrome extension is available on the browsers - Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Opera, and Firefox. Also, Keepa makes it possible where you can have almost all the features from a cellular device. There is a barcode scanner in a mobile app. This is where sellers can instantly pull up product information rather than having to manually searching for ASINs.

Keepa is easy to use.

Knowing how to use the Keepa API is simple to understand. Its mainly reading graphs and deciding what you want the graph to be composed of. However, be sure to know what the colors represent on the graph.

  • Black: Used product
  • Blue: New products
  • Green: Sales rank of product over a certain time period
  • Orange: Amazon product

Data gathering and presentation is the most crucial aspect of Keepa because of the mass data its software can hold. So the only overwhelming part of using this system is working with the data sets. But the website offers helpful videos for newcomers.

Who can Keepa benefit?

Amazon resellers are the extension's largest audience. Market researchers are the secondary audience. Resellers flourish from this because they know the best current deals. Specifically, wholesalers thrive because they are enabled to constantly buy in bulk for the best deals on Amazon's marketplace.


Keepa used to be a completely free plug-in. Now to use all features, a monthly subscription is required. It starts at $15 per month. Pricing varies depending on Keepa tokens.


This software is widely popular among the Amazon reselling industry. The data it provides can give you extensive knowledge. Much of the data gathered is geared to help you own the Buy Box more.

However, it is smart to use an automation software to put that knowledge into action. The elevated competition makes data alone not enough. Consider using one from this list as it will automate the price changes of the products you selected from Keepa.

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