/Top 12 Essential Chrome Extensions for Amazon Sellers

Top 12 Essential Chrome Extensions for Amazon Sellers
May 8, 2021 7 min read

Top 12 Essential Chrome Extensions for Amazon Sellers

Dillon Carter
Dillon Carter
Co-Founder, COO at Aura

If you are an Amazon FBA seller, using Chrome Extensions can be a game changer. Selling on Amazon requires being both proficient and efficient in many areas of running this type of business. Before you even see a dime, you will have had to research and source products, calculate sales velocity and revenues, and perform your own due diligence on any item you want to sell.

Fortunately, as daunting as some of these sound, there's hope. Google Chrome and its Chrome Extensions pack firepower in helping you become both more effective and efficient with product research. Here, we'll analyze some of the most essential Google Chrome extensions to ease some legwork.

An Amazon Seller's Top 12 Chrome Extensions:

1) Jungle Scout

Widely considered to be the top Chrome extension for Amazon sellers, Jungle Scout is available in both web-app and extension formats. With their Chrome extension, users can conduct product research in real time, right from the Amazon listing. The Jungle Scout extension allows users to view sales velocities, historical data, and keyword insights - all without leaving Amazon.

Price: From $49/mo. with Basic tier ($29/mo. if paid annual).

2) Keepa

Consider Keepa the king of historical sales data on Amazon. Keepa runs continuously in the background, and scrapes valuable sales rank and pricing data from millions and millions of Amazon listings. Keepa is among the most well-known and trusted Chrome extension for Amazon sellers due to its abundance of data, ease of use, and no cost.

Price: Free, with available access to full data for ~$18/month.

3) Helium 10 X-Ray

In the Amazon world, Helium 10 is the tool known to do it all. Using their Chrome extension, you are able to find suppliers for ASINs, analyze demand, calculate profitability, see competitors' inventory levels, and more. Consider Helium 10 to be an all-in-one tool for comprehensive product research.

Price: Free

4) AMZScout Pro

AMZScout Pro is a trusted tool used to identify and calculate profitable products and trends. It operates a bit (differently) than most Chrome extensions, letting the user enter a product keyword and view every bit of essential data. You can view the tool's proprietary score for each ASIN, as well as demand forecasts, stock levels, FBA fee calculations, and competitor analysis.

Price: $44.99/month, $197/year, or $499 lifetime access.

5) RevSeller

RevSeller is one of our favorite Chrome extensions. Its user-friendly interface allows you to calculate a listing's profitability in real time, while displaying only the essential data on the Amazon listing page. RevSeller will display both MFN and FBA offers side by side, allowing you to enter the cost for each fulfillment type on the fly. In addition to rapid profit calculations, RevSeller will also show product dimensions, sales rank, as well as ASIN and UPC codes.

Price: $99.99/year

6) DS Amazon Quick View (+ Extended)

DS Amazon Quick View grants you quick access to viewing a product's sales rank (per category), ASIN, number of FBA sellers, and pricing history, all by hovering over the listing. The Extended version gives you additional access to interactive Keepa graphs, support for all Amazon marketplaces, as well as greater filtering and sorting abilities.

Price: Free

7) MozBar

MozBar is a free Chrome Extension, from SEO tool developer MOZ. While this extension is a bit different from the rest, MozBar allows you to find affiliate sites that may link to a competitor's offer. After seeing the number of external links on third-party sites, you can then reach out to those sites to have the links direct to your specific offer instead.

Price: Free

8) AMZBase

AMZBase is a vital tool for product research. What sets AMZBase apart is its ability to cross-reference products on Amazon with other marketplaces, such as eBay. With its proprietary search engine and built-in profit calculators, AMZBase allows you to view all essential data in one place, reducing friction and improving efficiency for sourcing.

Price: Free

9) Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher is a free all-in-one tool designed to compile thorough data for product research. With a full, integrated dashboard, Unicorn Smasher will aggregate competitor prices, sales ranks, ratings, reviews, as well as projected sales velocities. Being free, Unicorn Smasher is recommended for any new FBA seller.

Price: Free

10) The Camelizer

The Camelizer is a great analytical tool for Amazon FBA sellers. It allows you to view extensive history for listing price data. In addition, The Camelizer also allows you to configure alerts and monitor fluctuations in price. This is a highly recommended tool for growing FBA businesses.

Price: Free

11) Sonar

Sonar, developed by Sellics, is a keyword research tool designed to help Amazon sellers of any size. Sonar works by finding all relevant keywords based on real customer search queries. Sonar detects and catalogs the key phrases shoppers search for on Amazon. Sellers will benefit from Sonar's continuously updated database, improving their listing optimization and listing visibility.

Price: Free

12) Honey

Honey is a widely-known, fan favorite Chrome extension. While not designed specifically for Amazon sellers, Honey is a great tool to keep ion your arsenal, for both business and personal use. Honey can be especially valuable for sourcing, as it will test all known coupon and promo codes in real time, before applying the most valuable codes. There's nothing like finding unexpected discounts and deals on inventory, to further increase your margins.

Price: Free


Chrome extensions are among the most cost-effective tools available at an Amazon seller's disposal. With the majority of Chrome extensions being free, the tools listed above can become an effective part of your seller toolkit within minutes, and save you hours of work per week.

With different Chrome extensions available to optimize product research, keyword analysis, fee structuring, sales forecasting, and competitor research, you'll harness the ability to increase your efficiency and productivity. Growing your Amazon business has never been easier with the help of these value-packed tools.

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