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Amazon FBA Sellers: Q4 into Q1 Tips

Just like that the Amazon FBA fam has got the year practically wrapped up being the end of Q4. The rush from Holiday shoppers is slowly fading and hopefully the hard work is realized. Reward yourself and let’s get back to the grind. It’s time to launch Q1 like no year before. Learn from our mistakes and others to dominate selling on Amazon! So here’s a list from the perspective of Aura - the Amazon Repricer everyone is switching to!

1. Reinvest

Statistically speaking, Q4 should have been your best time of the year. That means profits! And with that in business should only mean one more thing: GROWTH. Any successful businessman (or woman) will confirm that growth should always be on the top of the list regardless of which stage you are. Repeat after me: “Can’t stop. Won’t stop.” That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep a bit for yourself, sure! Just reinvest majority. That’s the only way you’ll make your previously slowest months seem like Christmas going forward!

2. Protect your Inventory

If your products aren’t holiday-related, you can skip to the next point. But if you’ve been marketing and relying heavily on the holiday brand, you might want to consider selling them as winter items. Perhaps at a discount, but whatever it takes to not take a loss. If it’s something that really cannot be sold off, then perhaps waiting until the next season is your best bet. Regardless, protect it!

3. Research FBA Tools

We cannot stress enough on this one! You may be the kind of person that needs to do everything yourself, but you simply cannot scale up in this line of work with that kind of mentality. You’ll need to let go of certain things and let the software do it for you. It will do it better, faster and will help you take your business to the next level. We developed the best Amazon repricer and the reviews speak for themselves. Simply Google us or pop into any Facebook group to see for yourself.

A little bit about our Repricer

Developed by an FBA seller, Aura is the next-generation repricing software! Why? Well, Artificial Intelligence! The software literally gets smarter as you use it because the engine behind the tool is a machine. A machine that never stops learning. Picking up patterns of your competitors and reprices in real-time to deliver astonishing results. In plain language, you’re in the Buy Box longer and end up selling a lot more. Here’s a real screenshot from a user:


You can try Aura free for 14 days: https://app.goaura.com/signup

All users say Aura pays for itself! No, seriously all. Otherwise you don’t need it and that last thing we’ll try doing is shoving you a product you don’t need. It only makes sense. So with Q4 soon to be behind us, it’s time to pull up your sleeves and get to work! We wish each and every single one of you a prosperous Q1.

Amazon FBA Sellers: Q4 into Q1 Tips
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