/Beating Shiny Object Syndrome

Beating Shiny Object Syndrome
Mar 11, 2024 4 min read

Beating Shiny Object Syndrome

Dillon Carter
Dillon Carter
Co-Founder, COO at Aura

Many sellers struggle to meet their goals because of something called Shiny Object Syndrome. It's especially a problem for new sellers.

What's Shiny Object Syndrome? It's when you keep switching your business plan (like wholesale, retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, private label, Kindle, etc.) thinking the next one will be easier. But if you're always changing, how can you become really good at anything? It's like running in one spot.

This constant switching makes you feel stuck in a loop. And that's really what's happening. You're just starting over again and again, not getting anywhere. It's like being a beginner forever.

Many sellers keep jumping from one course to another because of this. I call this “course hopping”. They think they're just one last secret away from success, and end up spending a lot of money and time to find it.

After months with no luck, they think the problem is the business model they chose. What they don't see is that real success comes from doing the work and gaining experience. That's the last piece they're missing to succeed.

Experience can't be bought; you have to earn it firsthand.

So, how can you avoid this trap?

Avoiding Shiny Object Syndrome

Falling for Shiny Object Syndrome happens to many of us, including me. But it's something we can get better at noticing and avoiding.

Choosing the right model

First off, be careful when choosing your business model. Any model can lead to 7-figure success. What makes a model "easier" is if it fits your own strengths.

For example, wholesale is great, but you need to be good at sales. If just thinking about making cold calls makes you sweat, you may struggle with it. But if networking is a strength and you're outgoing, wholesale could be easy.

The key point is to know your strengths and pick a model that fits you best. This way, you use your natural talents and increase your chance of success.

We cover this more in-depth in our recent Reverse Engineering post.

Joining the right community

Choosing what to focus on is just the start. A big change happens when you change your surroundings.

Imagine learning a lot from sellers who are doing well in the model you chose. They say we're like the five people we spend the most time with. So, surrounding yourself with the right people is crucial.

Connecting with successful people doing your model can really help. But it's more than just meeting people and networking. It's about positioning yourself where success is visible and normal.

Being around these successful sellers can change how you think, make you more driven, and shape your actions. They've been through what you're facing and know what to do.

Be sure to get involved in discussions, ask good questions, and share your own unique ideas. Even if you're new, your fresh perspective is valuable. This way, you learn quickly and also contribute to the group.

So, don't just look for answers in courses. Get involved with successful sellers. This hands-on way might show you what you've been missing.

Courses are useful, but they can't replace real work. Learning is key, but so is using what you learn.

Wrapping it up

To beat Shiny Object Syndrome, don't chase every new thing. Pick something that suits your skills and dive deep into it.

Choose a business model that fits and join people who are doing the same. This will help you succeed with less friction.

Stop hopping from course to course. Instead, focus on getting really good at your chosen field and making connections there.

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