/Getting Started with Aura Amazon Repricer - Video How-to Guide

Getting Started with Aura Amazon Repricer - Video How-to Guide
Jan 16, 2019 3 min read

Getting Started with Aura Amazon Repricer - Video How-to Guide

Dillon Carter
Dillon Carter
Co-Founder, COO at Aura

Getting started with Aura, Amazon automatic pricing software, has never been easier, but we made a video how-to guide to get you in the Buy Box even faster. Dillon Carter narrates this step-by-step instructional video on everything you must do to start repricing with Aura. Everything from connecting to your Amazon seller account to inputting your min and max prices is explained on an already incredibly user-friendly Amazon software. Aura is quickly gaining fame in the Amazon world and is becoming the choice by many Amazon FBA tools users, both professional and beginners. If you've already signed up with Aura, watch this getting started video to get your Aura working for you as it was designed.

It doesn't get easier. Did I mention that Aura is AI-based? That's right Artificial Intelligence.

Aura Using Artificial Intelligence

With AI being thrown around so easily these days, it's hard to separate the truth and fiction. One of Aura's major breakthroughs was integrating machine learning when it comes to the competitor analytics and their use of another repricer. Because Amazon.com has strict API limits, Aura must rely on the data available. However, with AI predicting patterns and just being smart allows Aura to surpass any Amazon repricing software available. Aura just does a lot more a lot faster with AI. With the repricing software calculating and pushing the price changes within 15 minutes on average, Aura crushed all by doing it all in 1-2 minutes. Now that's real use of AI.

Created by James Yanyuk

James Yanyuk is a Computer Science major from UMass who focused in AI and started selling on Amazon while in college. He store quickly grew to make him a six-figure seller within the first year! As a coding nerd with a brain that never stops working, he constantly looked for ways to improve selling on Amazon, grow sales and other ways and amazon seller tools he could make to do that. Repricing constantly came up and he used plenty of amazon seller software tools to realize that there is simply not a good one out there. James quickly began coding something crazy and after years of sleepless nights, trials and errors, more failures than success, Aura was born.

Win the Buy Box & Stay There

It's almost easy to win the Buy Box, but to stay there takes some next level Amazoning. Aura makes that easy for you by doing all the heavy lifting in the background while you focus on your business. At the end of the day, selling on Amazon isn't much different from a standard business perspective. You're dealing with time & money. Aura frees up your time & makes you more money. Win the Buy Box & stay there with this Amazon FBA management software: GoAura.com

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