/Must-Have Amazon Tool Besides a Repricer

Must-Have Amazon Tool Besides a Repricer
Jan 15, 2019 4 min read

Must-Have Amazon Tool Besides a Repricer

Dillon Carter
Dillon Carter
Co-Founder, COO at Aura

You're selling on Amazon is soaring, you have an Amazon tool for this and that, you use a repricer to automate repricing, but there's a must-have that many sellers undervalue. At the end of the day, you're running a business and with business the goal is profits. You may use a CRM to calculate your profits from the wholesaler you're sourcing your products from, then you subtract your Amazon expenses and think that is it. Well, how about all the reimbursement cases with Amazon? I bet you had inventory lost at the Amazon Warehouse. Am I right? How about damaged? Well, surely you've come across a case where Amazon claims to have reimbursed you, but that's not the case. Now it's been 30 days and this is affecting your business. You really don't have the time to chase Amazon, you want to focus on your sales. You need to source your products, tackle the retail arbitrage and invest into the next big thing. So how do you do it? How do the pros do it? Well, welcome to the must-have Amazon Tool called SellerBench.

About Seller Bench

Seller Bench is a team of recover experts that can help your business as much as a repricer such as Aura can. While an Aura Repricer automates the repricing of your products to beat the competition and win the Buy Box, Seller Bench does all the hard work of recovery with Amazon for you. They promise the first reimbursement claim within 48 hours. Pretty impressive! Their reviews show no disappointment either. This is the must-have Amazon tool that all pros use and for you to take you business to the next level, you gotta use it as well. It's the only way you can focus on your products, reputation and sales efficiently.

Best Amazon Repricing Software

As you've read about the must-have Amazon tool, the word repricer was mentioned and I really hope you're using one. If not, at least know what it is. Good thing we're not interacting in real life right now, so I'll write it out for you. Winning the Buy Box on Amazon involves quite a few factors, but the most important one being price. The Buy Box can't be awarded to you if your competitor's price is lower. But how is it lower all the time? Well, when you have an automated repricer, it does the repricing for you automatically. What you do is input the minimum and maximum price and the repricer does the rest. As soon as a price drop is detected by your competitor, Aura Repricer will instantly reprice your product. Aura is proven to be the fastest and smartest for Amazon auto pricing on the market and doesn't just compete against other sellers, it beats them fair and square. If you want to test it out, you got 15 days completely free. Head on over to goaura.com

Own the Buy Box with Aura

Primarily the end goal of an Amazon repricer for the Amazon FBA seller is to own the Buy Box. This thing right here:

The more time you spend in the Buy Box, the more sales you make. That easily converts to more profits. What makes Aura the top performing repricer for Amazon sellers, is the implementation of Artificial Intelligence around the data feed. This means faster repricing, smarter ways and strategic domination. Software that is built on AI has a brain of its own and only gets smarter with time. If Aura users already report 65% increase in sales first week, imagine the possibilities months down the road. Years? It's really a breakthrough in the industry. Go ahead and checkout SellerBench and if you're not using Aura yet, give it a try at goaura.com.

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