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Repricing Software for Amazon Sellers

How to Choose Repricing Software for Amazon Sellers

For small or newer sellers managing a handful of uncompetitive SKUs isn’t a major issue. As you grow your inventory and product lines, choosing repricing software for Amazon sellers becomes a major focus.

The majority of sellers carry hundreds if not thousands of SKUs actively which become harder to manage manually. That’s where repricing comes to the rescue.

How Does Repricing Work?

To stay competitive in a marketplace like Amazon you’ll need to stay inside the Buy Box (URL). Although there are a few variables that matter, the price is the major one.

As competition increases, so does repricing activity.

Initially, this was done manually by each seller. At some point, a very smart individual realized that computers could do a better job and decrease the time and effort it took to manually change the prices of your listings - immediately increasing sales.

Once repricing tools for Amazon hit the marketplace, it increased the competitive nature of ecommerce.

That’s neither a good nor a bad thing. It is what it is..

What does matter, is the realization that machines can do a far better, and more efficient, job on a variety of tasks. This means doing more with less for most sellers.

As new repricing tools became available, the complexity became more important to sellers.

There are two kinds of Amazon repricing tools: simple, rule-based and algorithm-based.

Rule-based repricing tools as considered basic as they follow a small set of rules that do not consider the ever-increasing variables that matter. With these kinds of repricing tools, you never get to experience the set-and-forget benefits that some can offer to users.

These simple repricing tools need to be consistently updated by a user to stay competitive. That just means more work for you.

Lastly, there are Algorithm-based repricing tools (Aura is both Algorithm-based and AI-based) that consider each seller, can react quickly to price up or down based on your settings and even create a unique repricing strategy for each listing.

When you compare the two, it quickly becomes obvious that you’re actively losing money by choosing a simple, rule-based repricing tool.

What Makes the Best Repricing Software for Amazon Sellers?

When it comes to advanced, algorithm-based repricing tools, flexibility becomes a major factor. Not just in the strategies that you’re able to create as a user but how the tool itself handles situations for you.

As an example, if you have a listing that gets suppressed, most repricing tools would never reprice it. It simply wouldn’t fit into the rules to be repriced.

An advanced repricing tool like Aura would immediately notice what’s happening and pull you back into the buy box, and out of being suppressed, to continue generating sales. All of this can happen without you even realizing it.

Why use a repricing tool that requires you to babysit or micro-manage it? That defeats the purpose in our minds.

Even better is when you consider the fact that an advanced repricing tool does focus on a single platform. As the ecommerce landscape continues to grow and evolve, that means going multi-market for many sellers.

Being able to effectively reprice your listings on sites like Amazon, Walmart, Jet or eBay is important. An advanced repricing tool can grow with you as it understands that every marketplace or platform is different. Because of this, tools like Aura becomes even more affordable for growing sellers.

Buyers want competitive prices on these platforms and it can be a struggle for sellers to effectively manage the process at scale. Using the best amazon fba management software for Amazon sellers can make it a breeze to scale your operations and get to that next level you’ve been working so hard to hit.

Repricing Software for Amazon Sellers
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