/RestockPro for Amazon Sellers: Automation for All

RestockPro for Amazon Sellers: Automation for All
Jul 16, 2021 6 min read

RestockPro for Amazon Sellers: Automation for All

Dillon Carter
Dillon Carter
Co-Founder, COO at Aura

As more sellers enter the Amazon FBA space, more tools become subsequently available to these sellers. Among these tools is an abundance of inventory management tools, designed to help sellers manage and forecast inventory orders. RestockPro for Amazon is a reputable and popular name among these tools, and offers accessibility for a wide range of Amazon FBA sellers.

What is RestockPro?

Branded as “hassle-free FBA automation,” RestockPro is a top contender, designed to do just that. In addition to inventory management and forecasting, RestockPro also offers the ability to generate and manage purchase orders, inbound shipments to Amazon, stickers and labeling, as well as product bundling and kitting.

RestockPro is offered in five different pricing tiers, and supports Amazon marketplaces from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico Netherlands, Spain, UK, and the US. RestockPro offers the convenient functionality of being able to manage multiple marketplaces from a single RestockPro account.

Who is RestockPro ideal for?

RestockPro is specifically designed for Amazon FBA sellers. More specifically, RestockPro offers tiers for FBA sellers starting at 1,000 FBA orders/month, all the way up to 300,000 or more FBA orders in their Enterprise tier. At the time of this article, RestockPro does not support merchant fulfilled ASINs.

What does RestockPro offer?

RestockPro is crammed with valuable features that would be attractive to any Amazon FBA seller. Offering all available features in every pricing tier ensures every RestockPro user gains the most value out of their subscription. Below are some of the popular features available to all users of RestockPro:

Amazon Profit Calculator:

The Amazon Profit Calculator allows for deep analytics of both your overall inventory as well as specific, individual ASINs on the fly. This feature shines as it allows you to accurately forecast and maximize profits for your FBA inventory.

RestockPro guides your daily reordering decisions, so you know how much to order and when. Keep a close eye on costs and Amazon FBA fees, and stay focused on the most profitable products. Calculate estimated margin for every product and increase profitability.

Amazon FBA Manager:

This feature allows automation of managing suppliers, purchase orders, and inbound FBA shipments. RestockPro allows you to manage supplier relations, and handles everything from taking notes about communication to creating new purchase orders. RestockPro also manages the entire process of building and packing the correct shipments, and ensuring a safe delivery to Amazon’s warehouses.

Preparation for FBA Shipments:

RestockPro also includes the ability to create Amazon FBA labels and stickers, directly in-app. Accurate shipment prep is essential for Amazon merchants. Print Amazon compliant labels and stickers easily with RestockPro to save both valuable time and money. RestockPro also offers customization options that work for Dymo and Zebra label printers, supporting 30-up labels or individual custom-size stickers, while still meeting the specifications set by Amazon.

Product Bundling Optimization:

RestockPro facilitates automatically tracking of your product bundles’ sales history, profitability, Amazon FBA fees, cost information and relevant supplier data. With RestockPro’s Kit Optimizer, RestockPro will be able to evaluate your bundles and kits by demand and margin, and recommend the best bundles to build.

FBA Fee Management:

RestockPro makes it easy to manage FBA fee calculations. FBA storage fee data is automatically calculated and accessible within the Estimated Margin calculator of the Restock Suggestions grid. Real-time data is synced from Amazon several times per day to include FBA fees, commissions, monthly storage fees and variable closing fees.

IPI Score Boosting:

With RestockPro’s help, Amazon sellers are able to maintain, if not improve their Inventory Performance Index (IPI) levels. RestockPro allows users to get a clear picture of where their FBA inventory is, when to restock, the best time to send more inventory to the fulfillment centers and much more.

How much does RestockPro cost?

RestockPro is offered in five available tiers, with full functionality and features coming as standard equipment across all. RestockPro also does not charge based on a percentage of revenue or profit, reducing any friction of growth.

In addition to full functionality, each pricing tier of RestockPro also includes a free 21-day trial, without a payment method required, offering thorough and complete peace of mind for those testing the waters.

Below are the tiers offered by RestockPro:


Cost: $49/month

Limit: 1,000 FBA orders/month


Cost: $79/month

Limit: 2,500 FBA orders/month


Cost: $199/month

Limit: 7,500 FBA orders/month


Cost: Starting at $199/month

Limit: Up to 20,000 FBA orders/month


If you are a new Amazon FBA offer averaging 1,000 units per month of sales, or a seasoned professional moving millions of units per year, RestockPro offers powerful functionality packaged in compelling values. To test out RestockPro for yourself, you can give them a try for 21-days, risk free. Alternatively, you may also book a demo to review the tool, and see the value it can add to your business, for yourself.

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