/The RevSeller Extension Helps Maximize Your Margins While Saving Time

The RevSeller Extension Helps Maximize Your Margins While Saving Time
Oct 29, 2020 7 min read

The RevSeller Extension Helps Maximize Your Margins While Saving Time

Dillon Carter
Dillon Carter
Co-Founder, COO at Aura

What is the RevSeller Extension?

The RevSeller extension is an on-page Chrome extension that's added to Amazon’s product detail pages. It grants 3rd party Amazon sellers access to product insights on estimates in data, variations, and information. Data includes pricing in fees, margins, and ROI.

Who is it for?

This extension tool is necessary for any merchant who sources products for online retail arbitrage, wholesale, or private label on Amazon. This is done through a desktop only and it’s especially for those who source products that offer different variations. But it’s just as useful for selling products that don’t have variations. This is because you can still utilize its calculation tools and information that are listed below.

How RevSeller works

As a 3rd-party seller, you will benefit greatly from this Google Chrome extension. If you have the extension while searching Amazon products to buy on the product details page, you won’t have to leave the page. RevSeller will automatically place its seller tool extension right below the product title on the web page, displaying product data to determine it’s worth.

The image shown below is an example of where you will see the extension on Amazon's website. The red box indicates where RevSeller's data is. Seeing it's a shoe, you can see the green Variation Viewer box on the bottom of the image. It shows the shoe's variation in color and size.

The same list would be offered for clothing too. Then it will rank which type is worth selling on Amazon. This will be explained further below.

12 Features that RevSeller extension displays:

  • FBA fee calculator
  • Margin calculator
  • ROI calculator
  • Current and average pricing
  • ASIN
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Integrated with Keepa and CamelCamelCamel - this gains merchants extra insight
  • Amazon category
  • Sales rank - it gives you a 90-day average and percent rank for each category, providing accurate trends.
  • Quick links to useful resources
  • Number FBA and MFN vendors offering the product - it is preferred that the Professional Amazon account is used to receive all the benefits.
  • Variation Viewer

*Note these RevSeller features are all current in real-time.

What is the Variation Viewer?

It enables you to analyze price data and offers of variations of products like in clothes and shoes. It shows you the inventory status on whether the product is in stock. For instance, if you’re selling shoes, you can filter and sort variations of the shoe by amount of vendors, price, color, or size.

Variation Viewer is one of the most important features that RevSeller offers. It can be quite overwhelming trying to figure out which variation of a product is selling the most. RevSeller helps immensely in this case because its automation calculates the number of times customers reply in online reviews to each product.

Logically, this is because the most reviews means the more popular - both positive and negative. This also allows merchants to sell more safely. This automation will indefinitely optimize your sales while performing less research.

The RevSeller extension is a necessity for 3rd party sellers.

Its tools will save you an immense amount of time in research which will enhance your rate of product turnover. It will help you make faster and smarter buying decisions to earn higher profit margins while also boosting revenue. You will simply get more done and be more successful.

The days of the guessing games and going with your gut are gone. You're used to marking up rough calculations to estimate sales data and which products are trending with high margins. But it can now be done quickly confidently by reducing human error.

Getting started with RevSeller

Create an account - On RevSeller’s homepage, you can start a free trial

Input setup information - Amazon information and MWS API keys (MWS means Marketplace Web service, it’s used by RevSeller to access a seller’s account. API data is only used to call product and price information a merchant is currently visiting.)

Download extension and add to Chrome via Chrome store

Go to business and start selling immediately upon download!


  • Free 30-day trial, no credit card needed
  • $99.99 per year subscription - this is the only plan offered and you will gain access to all support and features.

What is MWS API?

Amazon Marketplace Web Service is a free API that allows RevSeller to integrate Amazon's data into its system. Amazon enables this so merchants can:

  • Enhance selling efficiency
  • Lower labor duties
  • Boost reply time

The MWS features include:

  • Inventory and Order Management: This allows you to add, check, and edit pricing to products. You can also set order times and obtain payments.
  • Reporting: You can request, query, and download reports.

As I previously said, RevSeller works best for professional account sellers using FBA.

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) sellers benefit greatly from inputting the MWS keys. They allow you to create, check, submit, and track inbound shipments. It lets you stay in constant contact with the Amazon fulfillment center.

Between using the RevSeller extension on Amazon's website and utilizing the MWS keys and FBA, your third party business will be streamlined!

Coupon Code

There are many websites that offer coupon codes for RevSeller. This list of websites offers codes ranging from 30-50% off to merchants wanting to use this Amazon tool:

  • Clear The Shelf: $20 off using code "PRO20"
  • Getrefe: 50% off discount with code
  • StartupWorld: 30% off discount with code
  • Curated Deals: 40% off discount with code

The RevSeller extension is highly accessible.

When you have the merchant account, you are not limited to just one desktop device. Instead, you can work on any desktop that has a Google Chrome browser. So when you're away from your workplace, you can still use Chrome on any desktop regardless of the location. This will boost your personal productivity.

The Chrome extension is all-around worth purchasing.

As a merchant seller, you can see that RevSeller offers a variety of benefits to your business. Despite it being a niche service, your selling will be advanced through higher profit and estimates in price and rank.

Using this extension will give you an advantage in retail arbitrage as there aren't other extensions out there. So for just $99.99 per year, RevSeller is at least worth trying out. Once you start, I'm confident you won't be able to work without it.

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