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Switch to Aura Amazon Repricer Today!

Whether you're using BQool, RepricerExpress, Informed, Feedvisor, xSellco or the basic Amazon repricer, Aura is the talk of the town! Not because it's new and only features the latest and greatest, but because it simply outperforms any repricing software out there. Many of our FBA sellers have been using other repricers for years and are blown away by what Aura can do. At the end of the day, it's about the numbers. In this case, particularly the money. This is a business and your time is valuable. Every $1 matters and so imagine this: A software that can virtually replace you, your employee or 100 of them. Instead of manually changing the prices of your products (not to mention the research that comes with it) the software analyzes everything in virtually realtime and reprices just as fast. Your predefined minimum and maximum prices are never exceeded and you'll never lose money. Did we mentioned the InventoryLab integration? Let's start with the latest post we saw in an Amazon Facebook group:


This is an actual screenshot that was posted by an Amazon seller. As you can see, the OP writes "my only regret is not doing it sooner." And quite frankly, we hear that quite often. The charts don't lie. When you switch to Aura, you are practically guaranteed to outperform your competition for the Buy Box. This translates to more sales which means you are raking in more money. Let's talk a little bit about the Buy Box.

Amazon Buy Box

Every Amazon FBA seller wishes to dominate the Buy Box. You are the King (or Queen) when the Buy Box is awarded to you. You see a spike in sales and your excitement is through the roof. You try to not check your sales every second, but you can't help it. This is everything you worked for! Growing your account from sourcing the products, maintaining your reviews, to funding the next inventory order just so you can scale up. But suddenly the time you're in the Buy Box comes to an end. This moment of glory is short-lived and you begin to panic. Did another seller just lower their pricer? Are they in the Buy box? Everyone's been there. This is why Aura was born. Your path to winning the Buy box.

Aura's User Interface

Once you switch to Aura, the first think you'll notice right off the bat is the beautiful user interface. We're all about the ultimate experience and so using Aura will be simple, yet you'll feel the power at your fingertips. You'll even be guided through every step in this video:

We really make sure that everything is 100% tailored to you as an Amazon seller and you are using the software as efficiently as possible. The backend of the tool is made simple so all your focus can be at the sales you're making.

Free Trial

Did we mention that you can try Aura absolutely free? That's right, You have to try before you buy! Yes, it will run us some server cost amongst other things, but we are so confident in our software that we let sellers use it for 14 days with no strings attached and no limits. Majority will see a 40% increase within days of using Aura. Head on over to goaura.com to try now!

Switch to Aura Amazon Repricer Today!
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