/We're now integrated with InventoryLab! 🎉

We're now integrated with InventoryLab! 🎉
Sep 30, 2019 1 min read

We're now integrated with InventoryLab! 🎉

Dillon Carter
Dillon Carter
Co-Founder, COO at Aura

Say what?!

That's right, Aura has officially integrated with InventoryLab. No more Excel uploads!

That's just Dillon and James celebrating a successfully awesome integration..

This integration will allow you to automatically import costs from InventoryLab into your Aura listings. From there, you can use those costs to automatically calculate and apply Minimum and Maximum prices for your listings.

Talk about saving some time!

It's hard to see our long-term plans for Aura but this specific integration is a stepping stone into what Aura will become over time. It enables us to focus on reducing the bottlenecks and ineffeciencies that plague Amazon sellers.

If you're a current Aura and InventoryLab user, you can toggle on the integration within both of your accounts right now. Here's a guide on how to to connect your InventoryLab account with Aura.

If you're not currently using either Aura or InventoryLab, what are you waiting for?!

Head over to goAura.com or InventoryLab.com to start repricing your inventory the right way.

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