/Amazon Automate Pricing Alternative for 2022

Amazon Automate Pricing Alternative for 2022
Jan 5, 2022 5 min read

Amazon Automate Pricing Alternative for 2022

Dillon Carter
Dillon Carter
Co-Founder, COO at Aura

Many sellers just getting started will begin playing with forms of automation. One of those is Amazon's Automate Pricing tool, which allows sellers to automatically update listing prices. This saves a great deal of time but comes with many limitations — a major one being able to raise your price.

In this article, we'll dive into the pros and cons of Amazon's pricing tool as well as the alternative repricing tool that many sellers end up moving to once they've outgrown Amazon's tool.

The pros and cons of using the Amazon Automate Pricing Tool

Ultimately, the speed of Amazon's tool is incredible as price changes do not need to go through their MWS API, which is true for any other repricing tool. But, as you'll find out, this pro comes with many cons.

Another incredible pro for Amazon sellers is that it costs nothing to use. As you begin growing your Amazon business, you'll realize you need more features, which will require a paid monthly subscription but ensures that you're in the Buy Box more of the time.


  • Set simple rules for each of your listings
  • Set Min and Max prices


  • You're not able to raise your price to increase profits
  • You cannot apply pricing rules to all of your listings
  • No automation to automatically handle new listings

As you can see, there are a few nice pros for newer sellers, but the cons quickly outweigh those as your business begins to grow. As your business grows you'll need to be able to create advanced automated pricing rules, rules that allow your listing to go to a Maximum price to increase profits, and automatically handle new listings so you don't have to.

Curious what tool sellers use to increase sales and profits, put their listings on auto-pilot, and is easy to use? You can learn more here.

Why sellers leave Amazon's pricing tool

Selling on Amazon requires you to build a highly efficient business. That means you have systems in place that help you scale from a few dozen units each month to tens of thousands. How quickly you move your inventory can often dictate how quickly you can grow.

Although Amazon Automate Pricing software can create price updates, they are only lowering them — pushing the Buy Box price lower and lower until you have no profit margin left over. This puts more focus on your Minimum price—the lowest price—over what you actually want; increased profits.

There is a balance in how you win the Buy Box and how you stay profitable. That's where a 3rd party automated repricing software helps you stay competitive and make more money.

So, what tool do Amazon sellers switch to when they are ready to begin growing their business?

Sellers switch to Aura for a reason

Most sellers chose Aura as their next repricing tool. It allows you to quickly get started with an intuitive interface and a very affordable price. You can even create your own unique pricing strategies to automatically adjust prices as you see fit.

When you're looking for an Amazon repricing tool that can help you grow, you need to look for speed, cost, customer support, and automation.

You need speed because the faster you can submit a price change, the faster you can get back into the Buy Box and keep sales flowing.

You need an affordable cost because you're a growing business — a price that is low enough to get started but becomes incredibly cheap as your business grows.

You need fantastic customer support because nothing is worse than feeling alone with a complex tool. Instead, you want a team of repricing nerds that can answer any questions you may have and help you optimize your account when you need it.

Lastly, you need more automation. If you have to log into your repricing tool to manage your listings, something is wrong. Instead, you want to create rules to tell the software how to manage your listings for you, so you can spend more time sourcing new SKUs.

Aura hits all of the above points—speed, cost, customer support, and automation—to allow you to quickly grow your Amazon business.

Pros of Aura:

  • Is known for world-class, never outsourced, customer support
  • Put your account on auto-pilot using the Workflows feature
  • Instant, algorithmic repricing to keep you in the Buy Box
  • Automatically set Minimum and Maximum prices
  • 14-day free trial (no CC required)
  • Reprice 50,000 listings with ease
  • InventoryLab integration

Ending thoughts

It's very easy to go the free or cheap route, but you need to remember that you're running a business. A business requires investment and an investment that can immediately increase sales and profits, ensure competitive pricing, and increase your Buy Box share is an easy decision.

Now you know exactly what to look for in your next repricing tool — speed, cost, customer support, and automation.

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