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Feb 9, 2019 10 min read

Amazon Seller Software

Dillon Carter
Dillon Carter
Co-Founder, COO at Aura

Our Favorite Amazon Seller Software for 2019

How can you easily determine what’s that best Amazon seller software? What’s worth your money and what isn’t?

In this extensive guide, we’ll walk you through the top tier tools that consistently outperform their competitors and have proven themselves time and again. We took the time to fully review each tool on this list and organize it in a way that’s easy for you to reference whenever needed.

Who Can Benefit from This List?

Whether you’re an experienced seller or a brand new seller, there are gems in this list that you may not have heard of. Some tools are good, some are great and some are ones that we couldn’t live without.

Being in the tool space ourselves means we consistently do a ton of research on the marketplace. What new tools have been released, what tools have consistently done well and which tools are starting to lose their performance.

Hopefully, by using this guide, you’ll be able to find the perfect tool to do the job and get you to that next level of revenue you’ve been working so hard to hit in 2019.

Our Favorite Amazon Seller Software for 2019

1. Sellics

Sellics is a well-established all-in-one tool for Amazon sellers that helps you manage PPC, SEO, Reviews, Research, Competitor monitoring, and even inventory management.

What sets Sellics apart from it’s competitors is its use of data. Not only can it provide actionable data but it actually translates that data into actionable steps - taking a lot of the guesswork out of the data process.

What’s also interesting about Sellics is that it isn’t just for Amazon sellers. Large brands like Bic, Bosch, and Brita use them for their Amazon management as well. This means the tool has gained enough traction that it should be around for quite some time.

Sellics currently charges $47 (annual subscription) per month for a seller with revenue between $1,000 and $60,000. Once you cross over the $60,000 in revenue the pricing is a sliding scale which caps out at $257 per month.

2. Restock Pro

Although this is mainly for wholesale sellers, it’s a tool that saves hours every single week. This is a tool that’s good but not great. It works well enough and it’s the clear leader in restocking software, but there’s a lot that could be made better.

Restock Pro helps wholesale sellers use actual sales data to forecast future sales. This means accurate inventory levels that maximize cash flow.

Restock Pro starts at $99.99 per month for 10,000 Active SKUs and caps out at $599.99 for 20,000.

3. Inventory Labs

Managing your inventory isn’t the most fun task in the world but it needs to get done. Inventory Labs helps you manage your inventory, run reports - a personal favorite of mine - and manage your costs.

You could make the argument that it helps you manage your Profit and Loss statements for most sellers.

Inventory Labs cost either $49 per month or $480 for the annual plan and does include a 30-day free trial.

4. PPC Entourage

We’re massive fans of optimizing everything that we do - both when selling on Amazon and within Aura as well. PPC Entourage helps you optimize your Pay Per Click Campaigns for your Amazon inventory.

Rather than finding your own keywords to test, PPC Entourage does that for you automatically. In addition to that, it helps you lower your ACoS (Average Cost of Sale), automatically adjust your daily bid, automatically add negative (underperforming) keywords so you never waste money on them again, and even apply ADvanced Autopilot Mode.

PPC Entourage starts at $47 per month for 1-5 SKUs and scales up to $247 per month for 52+ SKUs.

For a growing seller, this is an effective way to begin growing your sales without adding new SKUs to your inventory at an affordable price.

5. Aura Repricing

We may be a little biased here but repricing holds a special place in our hearts. Not only does it give a competitive advantage similar to Pay Per Click campaigns, but it also gives you more control as you grow.

Once you’re actively carrying 10+ SKUs you start to lose enough time to effectively manage your inventory from a pricing standpoint. With so much competition these days it takes a level of sophistication to stay competitive.

Aura is flexible in the sense that it does work for only one type of seller. Whether you sell wholesale or even private label, Aura can keep you competitive and maximize your monthly profits.

As an advanced repricer we’re consistently releasing new features that give our users more of a competitive advantage that another seller. Even to the level of using actual Artificial Intelligence (although some companies claim they use AI, most don’t)

Aura has a single pricing tier that offers advanced repricing for $57 per month. We also offer features that other repricing companies charge $200+ a month for at our single tier.

6. Viral Launch

If you’re launching products on Amazon and not using Viral Launch, I’m not exactly sure what you’re strategy is. Not only is Viral Launch effective but they’re just a really cool company!

Being at the forefront of technology, especially in this industry, isn’t normal. Viral Launch takes a technology-first approach with their tools - focusing on building the most effective tool above everything.

Viral Launch offers a handful of solutions such as Product Discovery, Keyword Research, Listing Analysis, Product Launches, and Split Testing your listings. I wouldn’t consider Viral Launch an all-in-one solution as they do a handful of strategic things really well.

Viral Launch splits its pricing into two categories - Software and Services.

Software ranges from $59 per month for the Intermediate features like Sales Estimates, Product Search and Keyword Research up to $99 per month for their Pro level account which includes all of their software-based tools.

Services on the otherhand are more geared towards successfully launching your new product, listing optimization, and product photography. Each has it’s own range of prices depending on the level of service you require.

7. Feedback Genius by Seller Labs

Regardless of your business model feedback is essential to sustaining your account for years to come. Feedback Genius helps you automate both product reviews, which increases rankings, and buyer feedback.

Feedback Genius does this by automating the buyer-seller messaging sequence for you.

As an example, when a customer purchases one of your products, they would receive an automated message asking for a review of the product once they’ve received their order.

Feedback Genius starts at a free account for sending 100 emails per month for one Marketplace and scales up to $250 per month for 60,000 emails - although the first paid tier is $20 per month for 1,000 emails.

8. Bindwise - Amazon Seller Monitoring

In a highly competitive space, monitoring your listings is crucial. How Aura helps you manage your repricing quickly, Bindwise does for your listings as a whole. Bindwise gives you access to data that Amazon doesn’t easily show you. For private label sellers and brand owners, this means monitoring your listings for hijackers so you can get them off your listings as quickly as possible.

For this use-case specifically, Bindwise will notify you of fraudulent products on your listings with key details, such as Price, FBA eligible offers, Shipping time, Shipping from State and even the current Buy Box Winner and Buy Box price.

Consider Bindwise your safety net for protecting your brand.

Bindwise can also monitor for potential listing issues and quickly notify you if your listing has been suspended or if there’s an ASIN merge.

You can start creating monitoring notifications for free.

9. Refunds manager

No seller wants to pay Amazon more than they need to. Sometimes, this is a tedious task. Rather than submitting claim after claim, Refunds Manager will do this for you automatically, taking a cut of what they get back for you.

Refunds Manager syncs with your Seller Central account and searches for customer return issues, misapplied fees and any other reason for a discrepancy, and then automatically submits and tracks claims for you.

Rather than making this a major to-do list item for yourself each week, you can simply automate the whole process to Refunds Manager - only paying when they’re successful. Regardless of how small or large you are, this is a clear no-brainer.

Refunds Manager charges 25% of whatever reimbursements they recover for you. There’s no setup or monthly fee. Just pay per performance.

These are our favorite tools going into 2019 and we plan on adding to this list regularly. Obviously, this isn’t every possible Amazon seller tools or software available. Rather than give you a list of every single thing, we decided to give you a heavily filtered list of our favorite tools.

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