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Best Amazon Repricer

What Makes the Best Amazon Repricer?

Repricing on Amazon is getting a face-lift. Not just in terms of aesthetics but in terms of performance. What actually goes into what makes the best Amazon repricer?

It’s easy to make the generalization that all repricers do the same thing - drive your price to the bottom. Once you switch to a more advanced repricer, you quickly realize that’s not the case.

The repricing tools that started it all were incredibly basic and many argue that they could only reprice down. Now, repricers have the capability to fully control your pricing depending on multiple situations and even make decisions for you.

Let’s dive into the specifics of what makes a repricer great.

What to Look for in the Best Amazon Repricer

Basic repricing tools simply won’t cut it anymore. Simple reactivity isn’t what you should be looking for. For us, flexibility is a major aspect of what makes a repricer the best. That means an amazon fba tool that is able to take a handful of settings and handle a multitude of situations that it may face.

Other repricing tools are simply blind to the situations that don’t fit into their settings.

Next, we look for a specific type of setting called Exclusions. Basically telling the repricer when to care and when not to care about a type of seller.

When it comes to controlling the buy box and increasing your sales, a repricer needs to be quick to react to pricing changes as they happen. The best Amazon repricer can not only notice there was a change but quickly calculate the best move and submit that pricing change to Amazon before another repricer has time to think.

This all comes down to how optimized the platform and strategy is. You could have an amazing strategy but if the platform is slow and sluggish, it won’t matter.

When you pair an amazing - read: high performing - platform with an optimal strategy, it’s a clear win.

Lastly, we look for future growth. Is the repricing tool content with their performance and features or are they rethinking the whole concept and innovating something new?

Competitive advantages come from innovation and creating something new. Consider the first 100 sellers who used the first repricing tool. That was a major competitive advantage but not anymore. It’s less about being able to reprice and more about how it’s being done.

For us, that’s what goes into making the best Amazon repricer on the market and building something that provides an incredible amount of value for its users.

Best Amazon Repricer
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