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InventoryLab + Aura Amazon Repricer
Sep 30, 2019 5 min read

InventoryLab + Aura Amazon Repricer

Dillon Carter
Dillon Carter
Co-Founder, COO at Aura

You’ve finally hit a home run with a software matrimony, I now pronounce Aura Amazon Repricer + InventoryLab! In an effort to bring more value to our users, Aura has fully integrated with InventoryLab so that your costs, minimum, and maximum prices will be automatically imported and synced into your account. Talk about life made easier and profits sky rocketing. Seriously.

We believe the world of ecommerce is evolving and that more tools should talk directly to each other to lessen the workload on the seller. That’s why we’ve partnered with InventoryLab. This integration, along with many more to come, further enables you as a user to spend more time sourcing profitable inventory for your business and less chasing down the bugs and research of what software to use and how. InventoryLab has been a standard for many sellers over the years, helping them (you) quickly list new inventory and track key metrics such as SKU profitability and costs. I have to say, we're incredibly excited to see this integration go live and solve a major pain-point that many of our users have had since our public launch at the beginning of the year. But as you may guessed it, something like this was coming.

Here are some ways InventoryLab + Aura is awesome:

  • Aura can now automatically sync your costs and calculate your Min and Max prices based on your strategy ROI settings.
  • Instead of sending your Min and Max prices to InventoryLab and Aura, do what you’ve always done: List your inventory via InventoryLab, and let the integration handle the rest for you.

This integration with InventoryLab allows Aura to further automate key aspects of your Amazon business. Strategies are automatically applied based on specific conditions, so that you can set the process up only once and reap the benefits for years to come using Aura Repricing Software.

We come from being Amazon sellers ourselves, so we understand the “daily grind” and the hustle of building your ecommerce empire one SKU at a time. It feels like you’ll never get a break and that there’s always work to be done to increase sales. We’re hoping to change that with Aura as we evolve into the next generation of virtual tools for Amazon sellers. Imagine being able to win more of the Buy Box and increase sales for your Amazon business while doing less work. With effective integrations, that’s possible. In 2019, more tools should be “speaking” to one another, helping you reach your Amazon business goals. Modern technology is incredible at solving many of our most complex business problems. Running an Amazon business shouldn’t keep you from utilizing these new technologies. Besides, tools such as inventory manage to and automatic repricing can literally replace employees and save you thousands. Machines are really taking over. Did we mention that Aura is powered by machine learning and is built on AI-infrastructure? That’s your read for another cup of coffee.

Aura repricer is a very important part of the ecosystem for a lot of Amazon sellers. This is hands down the best Amazon Repricer according to every user who switched over. So is InventoryLab. With a subscription to both, the value more than increases for a seller when the two are combined together.

But wait, there’s more! Integrating with another tool has massive advantages. Imagine two people trying to solve the same, or similar problems like increasing sales without ever talking to each other. Not a very efficient or effective strategy to win the buy box and increase sales. Once the phone lines are connected, the whole game changes for the better. Aura, together with InventoryLab solves this issue once and for all. I know you’re eager to sign up for the FREE trial, but let us finish.

If you’re not familiar with InventoryLab you’re in for a treat. InventoryLab has a handful of products, such as Stratify, which allows you to research products, manage your inventory and analyze your profitability. There’s also Scoutify, the powerful mobile sourcing app for Amazon sellers.

Similar to Aura, InventoryLab takes a strong stance on customer support. With a dedicated support team behind every user, it’s hard to not make it a complete success. Combine two amazing teams and two amazing products and what you get is a perfect match that further enables automation and a streamlining of your Amazon business.

We’re stunned to roll out this integration with InventoryLab and we’re beyond excited to see how it will positively affect our amazing users! Be part of history! Login to your account or sign up now to be blown away: goaura.com

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