10/9/2022 — 9:57 am est

Update: We've seen all of our systems go back to normal and fully recover! 🙌

From our conversations with the Amazon API team there was a bug that caused a handful of their API services to become "backed up" over the period of time.

10/7/2022 — 11:15 am est

Update: We've confirmed that the issue it larger than just the Offer Change Notification service in the API—forums and FB groups are actively sharing their own troubles in updating information like prices and inventory levels even in Seller Central.

New listings not showing up

Inventory quantities not adjusting after a sale

Price change and available inventory do not update on my "manage inventory" page

Another catastrophic breakdown

However, we've started to see an increase in Offer Change Notifications in our system, which is a good sign that progress is being made at Amazon.

10/7/2022 — 10:15 am est

What's happening: The SP API is not currently sending Offer Change Notifications, which Aura uses to trigger price updates.

Because of this issue, Aura is unable to submit price changes—you will see a decrease in pricing activity in your account.

What we're doing about it: We're actively working with the Amazon SP API engineering team to determine the cause of the issue and correct it. Currently, the problem seems to affect all software receiving Offer Change Notifications—a global impact.

We've submitted bug tickets with the Seller Central and Github teams and have begun contacting all known contacts at Amazon for escalation.

More context: We have seen something similar in the past—with the API going down for multiple days.

It's possible Amazon is experiencing a major issue similar to the one mentioned above.

While this is not an ideal situation for anyone, our team is actively pursuing every channel for a solution and will keep a tight feedback loop on updates as they occur.