/The Ultimate Guide to Crushing Amazon Prime Day 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Crushing Amazon Prime Day 2024
Jul 1, 2024 13 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Crushing Amazon Prime Day 2024

Dillon Carter
Dillon Carter
Co-Founder, COO at Aura

Want to absolutely crush it on Prime Day 2024 as an Amazon 3rd party seller?

You've come to the perfect place. In this ultimate guide, I'll share proven, game-changing tactics to help you dominate the biggest shopping event of the year.

We're talking strategies like:

  • Digging into past Prime Day data to uncover top-selling products and set ambitious yet attainable goals
  • Fine-tuning your listings with irresistible titles, benefit-packed descriptions, and eye-catching images that convert like crazy
  • Harnessing the mind-blowing power of Amazon Advertising to send your visibility and sales into the stratosphere

If you're hyped and ready to leave your competition in the dust and achieve legendary profits this Prime Day, keep reading.

Understanding Prime Day

Before we dive into the specific tactics, let's make sure we're on the same page about what Prime Day is and why it's such a massive opportunity for sellers like you.

What is Prime Day?

Think of Prime Day as a 48-hour deal extravaganza exclusively for Amazon Prime members. This annual event, which started in 2015, has exploded in popularity and now offers discounts across every product category imaginable.

We're talking electronics, home goods, fashion, groceries—you name it, it's probably on sale during Prime Day. And customers go absolutely wild for it.

In 2020 alone, even with a global pandemic raging, Prime Day sales surpassed a jaw-dropping $10.4 billion worldwide. That's a mind-boggling 45.2% increase from the previous year.

The tremendous impact on e-commerce

It's no exaggeration to say Prime Day has completely transformed the e-commerce landscape. Its massive success has spurred other retail giants like Walmart and Target to launch their own rival sales during the same period.

But here's the really exciting part for you as a 3rd party seller: In 2020, sellers like you accounted for a whopping $3.5 billion in Prime Day sales. That's a nearly 60% year-over-year increase. Let that sink in for a moment.

Amazon themselves have said small and medium-sized businesses on their platform have seen unbelievable results from Prime Day, with some achieving sales boosts of up to 300%.

The incredible benefits for 3rd party sellers

Participating in Prime Day as a 3rd party seller comes with a treasure trove of benefits:

First and foremost, it offers you tremendous exposure. Amazon pulls out all the stops promoting Prime Day, which drives a colossal wave of traffic to the platform. Your products get placed in front of a significantly wider audience, dramatically increasing your chances of making sales.

Plus, Prime Day shoppers have their credit cards at the ready. They're actively hunting for amazing deals and are primed (pun intended) to buy products that grab their attention. This deal-seeking frenzy leads to mind-blowing conversion rates.

But the benefits don't stop there. Prime Day is also a golden opportunity to clear out stale inventory that's been gathering dust in your warehouse. By offering special discounts on slow-moving products, you can quickly sell through this deadweight and free up vital cash flow to reinvest in your business.

And to top it off, Amazon provides a whole suite of tools and support to help you triumph on Prime Day, which we'll explore in more detail shortly.

Preparing for Prime Day Success

If you want to make Prime Day 2024 your best sales event ever, preparation is absolutely crucial. Here's how to lay the groundwork for a victorious Prime Day:

Dig into past Prime Day data

To crush your Prime Day goals, you need to arm yourself with data. Dive deep into your previous years' Prime Day sales figures to identify your top-performing products and promotions.

Figure out which of your deals generated the most revenue and which ones fell flat. Did Lightning Deals drive a surge in sales? Were shoppers more responsive to percentage-off discounts or dollar-amount savings?

By identifying what resonated with customers in the past, you can double down on those winning strategies.

Once you've thoroughly analyzed the data, set an audacious yet achievable sales goal for Prime Day 2024. Consider factors like your year-over-year growth trajectory, changes to your product catalog, and overall e-commerce trends.

Having a clear revenue target will give you a northstar to guide all your Prime Day prep.

Manage your inventory like a boss

Having adequate stock of your top-selling items is make-or-break for Prime Day domination. You need to forecast demand and ensure your inventory levels can handle the anticipated order volume.

Start by looking at your sales velocity for key products during previous Prime Days and pad your inventory by an additional 20-30% to be safe. Running out of stock mid-event is an absolute nightmare you want to avoid at all costs.

With FBA, your products are eligible for Prime shipping, which is a huge trust signal for shoppers. And you can rest easy knowing Amazon's world-class fulfillment network will get orders out on time, every time.

Whichever fulfillment method you choose, implement a rock-solid tracking system so you can monitor stock levels in real time and replenish inventory at a moment's notice. Tools like Forecastly and Sellics provide powerful predictive features to help you maintain optimal inventory throughout the shopping frenzy.

Craft a killer promotional calendar

Don't let Prime Day sneak up on you. Map out your promotions and marketing initiatives well in advance so you can execute your plan with precision.

Start by scheduling your Lightning Deals and deciding which products you'll offer the deepest discounts on. Make sure your promotions are enticing enough to stand out in the Prime Day deal avalanche, but still allow for a healthy profit margin.

Sync up with your entire team on the promotional calendar to ensure everyone is aligned and knows their role. By having a clear roadmap in place, you can stay nimble and adapt your strategy on the fly if needed.

Optional: Optimizing Your Product Listings for Maximum Impact

Once you've laid the operational groundwork, it's time to fine-tune your product listings to convert Prime Day traffic like gangbusters.

Craft titles and descriptions that sell

Your listing copy needs to grab shoppers' attention and convince them your product is the solution they've been searching for. Review your titles and descriptions with a fine-tooth comb and look for opportunities to inject more persuasive power.

Conduct thorough keyword research to uncover the exact search terms Prime Day shoppers are using to hunt for products like the ones you carry. Sprinkle those high-converting phrases naturally throughout your listing so your products show up in more relevant searches.

As you write your descriptions, ruthlessly focus on your inventories most enticing benefits and unique selling points. Paint a vivid picture of how the product will make customers' lives better or solve their toughest challenges.

Use proven copywriting principles like social proof, scarcity, and urgent language to amp up the persuasive impact. When shoppers feel a sense that your product is a scarce commodity in high demand, they'll be more likely to smash that "Add to Cart" button posthaste.

Upgrade your product photography

You already know high-quality images are vital for conversions, but for Prime Day, you need to make your visuals work even harder.

In addition to your standard product shots and lifestyle images, consider adding infographic-style visuals that highlight key features and technical specs. If you sell apparel, show the product on models with diverse body types so shoppers can better visualize fit.

And don't sleep on the tremendous power of product videos. Enhance your listings with short, energetic clips showing your product in action and illustrating key benefits discussed in your copy.

According to Animoto, 73% of US adults are more likely to purchase a product after watching an informative video about it.

Maximizing Sales and Profits During Prime Day

You've optimized your listings, stocked up on inventory, and planned your promotions. Here's how to keep the momentum going and make the most of every minute of the Prime Day sales rush.

Stay competitively priced

During an event as big as Prime Day, shoppers are laser-focused on snagging the very best deals. Keep a hawk eye on your competitors' pricing and adjust yours accordingly to stay ahead of the pack. Even better, let AI repricing like Maven handle it for you.

That doesn't necessarily mean having the absolute lowest price, but aim to offer the most compelling value.

Harness the nuclear power of Amazon Ads

If you're not already throwing ad dollars behind your Prime Day listings, you're missing an enormous opportunity. Promoting your products on Amazon's pay-per-click platform is one of the most effective ways to get eyeballs and drive sales.

Start with Sponsored Product campaigns targeting your most relevant keywords. These ads put your listing front and center in the search results. Dial in your bids so your ads show up in top positions for high-traffic terms.

The key to crushing it with Amazon Ads is obsessive testing and optimization. Throughout Prime Day, log into your ad console every few hours to monitor click and conversion metrics. Don't be afraid to make tweaks to bids and budgets on the fly to maximize profitability.

Adapt on the fly

When the Prime Day mayhem is underway, you need to ditch your "set it and forget it" approach. Winning big requires agility and decisiveness.

Monitor your sales reports hourly and keep tabs on key metrics like conversion rate, average order value, and sell-through rate for each ASIN. If a particular item is stuck in the mud, rejigger its price, amp up ad spend, or consider featuring it in a Lightning Deal to goose sales.

On the flip side, if you notice an item starting to run low on inventory, proactively reach out to your supplier to air ship a fresh batch before you hit zero. Go out of stock, and you'll squander precious sales.

The fortune favors the decisive and data-driven on Prime Day. Don't be afraid to pivot quickly when you spot an opportunity or a red flag.

Seizing the Prime Opportunity

When it comes to e-commerce selling, Prime Day is the ultimate gold rush. By capitalizing on the surge of traffic and deal-hungry shoppers, you can generate a gargantuan spike in revenue practically overnight.

But as we've explored together, Prime Day success doesn't happen by accident. It takes meticulous preparation, data-fueled optimization, and relentless real-time adjustment.

In the coming months, block off time to stress test your Prime Day 2024 battle plan:

  • Dive into your historical sales data to unearth insights and set sales targets
  • Get your inventory situation on lock
  • Build out a promotional calendar that's packed with irresistible deals
  • Audit your listings with a ruthless eye for conversion optimization
  • Implement a full-funnel Amazon Ads strategy to capture customers at every stage

When you combine these proven strategies with tenacious execution, I have no doubt you'll experience a Prime Day that's truly legendary.

Start putting the tactics from this guide into action and make Prime Day 2024 your launchpad to unbelievable growth. I'll be rooting for you!

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