/Our Massive 64 Best Amazon Seller Tools List

Our Massive 64 Best Amazon Seller Tools List
Dec 12, 2021 29 min read

Our Massive 64 Best Amazon Seller Tools List

Dillon Carter
Dillon Carter
Co-Founder, COO at Aura

This is one of the most extensive Amazon seller tools list out there.

In this post, you’ll learn some of the most popular categories of tools and the most recommended seller tools for each category.

It's important to note that you shouldn't purchase every tool on this list. Use it as an (almost) exhaustive list to reference as new needs are found in your Amazon business.

Don't worry, we've added sections to make the list less overwhelming!

Categories of Amazon Seller Tools We're Going to Cover:

  • Category 1: Repricing Tools
  • Category 2: Seller Reviews and Feedback
  • Category 3: Customer Support
  • Category 4: Forecasting and Restocking
  • Category 5: Taxes
  • Category 6: Chrome Extensions
  • Category 7: Sourcing Inventory
  • Category 8: Advertising and PPC
  • Category 9: FBA Refunds and Reimburstments
  • Category 10: Seller Apps
  • Category 11: Price Monitoring and Notifications
  • Category 12: Inventory Management and Listing
  • Category 13: Legal
  • Category 14: Finance and Capital
  • Category 15: Keyword Research

Category 1: Repricing Tools

Repricing is one of the most effective tools in the Amazon business. It doesn't simply make you more efficient. Instead, it actually increases your sales and profits wherever possible.

Repricing enables you to put your Amazon listings on complete auto-pilot.

Tool #1: Aura

Aura has been the "new kid" on the block, focusing on customer support and performance over sales. Aura has quickly become one of the best Amazon repricers available to sellers.

This tool allows you to:

  • Automatically set your Minimum and Maximum prices based on ROI, Profit Margin or a Fixed Profit
  • Import your costs from tools like InventoryLab
  • Work directly with a support specialist to design strategies
  • Handle Suppressed Buy boxes automatically
  • Increase your Buy Box percentage by 20-30%
  • Connect an unlimited number of marketplaces
  • Custom and Pre-Configured strategies

Cost: $97 /month after a 14-day trial

Website: Aura Repricing

Tool #2: Seller Snap

Seller Snap was created for large Amazon sellers wanting to automate their pricing with custom strategies. Similar to Aura above, Seller Snap is a newer repricing tool on the market.

Cost: $500 /month after a 15-day trial

Tool #3: Repricer Express

Repricer Express has been around for a while now. They focus on automated. 24/7, price changes and maximizing profits for their users. To achieve this they use flexible repricing strategies and analytics.

Cost: Starting at $65 /month with a free trial

Tool #4: Informed

Informed has been around for quite some time at this point. They were formerly known as AppEagle but rebranded after a system issue. Like most repricing tools, they offer multiple paid tiers and premium features.

Cost: Pricing is based on seller revenue

Category 2: Seller Reviews and Feedback

Reviews can be the life-blood of an Amazon-based business. Regardless if your business model is Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage, Wholesale or Private Label, it still matters.

Seller feedback tools automate asking customers to leave you a unique, hopefully positive, review after they've received their order.

Tool #5: Feedback Whiz

Feedback Whiz offers a bit more than just feedback automation but that's what they are really known for. It's in the name.. Feedback Whiz allows you to create automated campaigns (emails) that can be sent to your customers, requesting feedback, a discount code for future purchases, and a few others.

Cost: Starting at $19.99 /month

Tool #6: Feedback Express

Similar to Feeback Whiz, Feedback Express allows you to create automated campaigns to increase your seller feedback, create alerts/notifications for negative feedback, and use the pre-configured email templates.

Costs: Starting at $49 /month

Tool #7: Feedback Five

Feedback Five is under the eComEngine tool suite and follows the email automation system for increasing your seller feedback.

Cost: Starting at $9.99/month

Tool #8: Sage Mailer

Sage Mailer allows you to use two different systems; Buyer-Seller Messaging and the Request a Review system within Seller Central, which provides more options. One email comes directly from you as a seller and the other actually comes from Amazon, which could be a massive advantage.

Cost: Starting at $10 /month

Tool #9: Email Automator by ZonGuru

ZonGuru is a tool suite but we're going to focus primarily on their seller feedback system named Email Automator. Very similar to the above tools, Email Automator by ZonGuru allows you to put your customer outreach on auto-pilot.

Cost: Starting at $49 /month (for the whole tool suite)

Tool #10: Kibly

Kibly claims to increase seller feedback by 5 times, which is very bold. Fortunately, that's very realistic if you've never used a seller feedback tool before.

Cost: $.003 - .50 /email after the free trial

Category 3: Customer Support

Being an Amazon seller doesn't mean you can outsource all of your customer support to the Amazon team. Most will be easily handled but building a real company means that you need to approach this aspect of your business seriously.

Tool #11: eDesk

eDesk allows you to increase your customer support management from simple emails back and forth into a consolidated inbox. Companies like Intercom have driven this new era of customer support and now it's easy for any ecommerce-based company to implement.

Cost: Starting at $39 /month after free trial

Category 4: Forecasting and Restocking

Forecasting in not an easy thing to do on-the-fly or manually. If you're still using your "gut" to place restock orders, you may be missing out on a large amount of opportunity for your business.

Tool #12: Restock Pro

Restock Pro has been a favorite for Wholesale-based Amazon sellers that sell less than $1M each year. Restock Pro allows you to forecast your restock orders to ensure that you never run out-of-stock or caught with too much inventory in a fulfillment center, paying long-term storage fees.

Cost: Starting at $99.99 /month after a 21-day free trial

Tool #13: Forecastly

The next tool is a real favorite for Private Label sellers. Forecastly is a fantastic forecasting and restocking tool endorsed by Greg Mercer himself (he recently purchased the company).

Cost: Starting at $80 /month after a free trial

Tool #14: Skubana

Skubana is positioning itself as more of a platform and less focused on Amazon sellers solely. Rather, they want to be THE platform for your operations, automation of those operations, and a central hub to analyze sales data to improve performance.

Cost: Starting at $999 /month

Tool #15: Inventory Management Software by Linnworks

Linnworks is a multi-channel tool suite but we'll focus on their Inventory Management Software. Supporting more than just Amazon, Linnworks allows a growing ecommerce company to streamline and consolidate their forecasting and reordering process.

Cost: Request a demo for pricing

Tool #16: TradeGecko

TradeGecko certainly has a nicer UI than most software in the online seller space. TradeGecko allows you to work better with variations, bundles, product kitting, and stock adjustments.

Cost: Starting at $39 /month

Category 5: Taxes

Oh, the dreaded taxes of being an Amazon seller. Don't worry, we've got your back on this one!

Tool #17: TaxJar

Sales Tax is always a problem for Amazon FBA sellers. On one hand you're able to gain access to a national, if not global, customer base. On the other, you're having to deal with the fact that no state can seem to agree to a single protocol for sales tax. That's where TaxJar comes in.

TaxJar allows you to automate the calculations and filling of state sales tax for each state you're liable.

Cost: Starting at $19 /month

Tool #18: Taxify by Sovos

Taxify is very similar to TaxJar in that they're able to automate the calculation and filling of state sales tax on at least 50 states.

Cost: Starting at $47 /month

Tool #19: MileIQ

MileIQ may feel like an odd one on the list but for those heavily doing Retail Arbitrage, it's a massive requirement. MileIQ is a mobile app that allows you to automatically record miles driven for business purposes and have an easy to export log to send to your CPA at the end of the year or each quarter.

Cost: Starting at $4.99 /month

Tool 20: Not Your Dad's CPA

I've personally interviewed Mark Tew of Not Your Dad's CPA and he really knows his stuff. His company is focused on ecommerce sellers of all types with a heavy client base who sell on Amazon. If you're looking for a CPA who actually understands the Amazon world, give Mark a try.

Cost: Starting at $1,499 /year

Tool #21: Simply VAT

For those selling internationally or simply located in VAT "enabled" countries it can be a complete pain to both understand and deal with. Luckily, companies do exist to make this process a breeze. One of which is Simply VAT.

Cost: Contact for pricing details

Category 6: Chrome Extensions

Where would any Amazon FBA seller be without their go-to Google Chrome Extension tools? Here are some of our favorite and most used.

Tool #22: DS Amazon Quick View

DS Amazon Quick View allows you to see product details without leaving the product list page while on Amazon.com. Specifically, the tool will show you the number of FBA sellers, if Amazon is on the listing, the Best Seller Rank, and Category at a glance.

Cost: The Free version is plenty

Tool #23: Keepa

Keepa is like DS Amazon Quick View but on steriods. Rather than just showing a few quick highlights, Keepa shows you an actual graph of the BSR and price over time. This allows you to do product research based on average numbers, rather than where the listing currently sits.

Cost: $20 /month

Tool #24: AMZ Scout Pro

AMZ Scout Pro is a fantastic Chrome Extension for Private Label sellers as it gives you a large number of data points to make a purchase decision from.

Cost: Starting at $14.90 /month

Tool #25: The Camelizer

The Camelizer is a Chrome Exention from the amazing CamelCamelCamel site, which allows you to quickly create price alerts for any given ASIN on Amazon. This becomes quite handy when you have MAP enabled listings or want to be notified when a price has risen back above a profitable threshold.

Cost: Free

Tool #26: AMZ Base

AMZ Base helps you find products that are profitabe enough for you to sell on Amazon with integrations with CamelCamelCamel, Alibaba, AliExpress, eBay, and Google search.

Cost: Free

Tool #27: AmazeOwl

AmazeOwl helps Amazon Private Label sellers filter through and find profitable products to begin selling themselves. Very similar to a few of the above tools.

Cost: Starting at $12.99 /month

Tool #28: Amazon FBA Keyword Tool by Helium 10

Whether you're optimizing your Amazon listing or descovering new keywords to use in your PPC campaigns, you'll need a tool that can easily extract that data for you. We'll focus more on PPC and Keyword Research further down the list but Amazon FBA Keyword Tool by Helium 10 is the only Chrome Extension to easily help you accomplish this task.

Cost: Starting at $97 /month

Tool #29: FBA Calculator by SellerApp

The FBA Calculator by SellerApp helsp you easily calculate Amazon FBA fees, hence why it's in the name, compare fulfillment modes, and analyze product profitability.

Cost: Free

Category 7: Sourcing Inventory

Sourcing profitable Amazon inventory can be very difficult with an ever growing volume of new competitors. Although we lightly touched a few sourcing focused Chrome Extensions, I wanted a complete section just for these types of tools as they span a wide range.

Tool #30: Helium 10

Although Helium 10 is also a tool suite, we'll be focusing on their product sourcing capabillities. Like JungleScout mentioned below Helium 10 wants to be the go-to source for those sourcing Private Label products and they've certainly become one of the main competitors.

Cost: Starting at $97 /month for the entire tool

Tool #31: JungleScout

Helium 10 and JungleScout compete very heavily with each other. Although, the companies are ran very differently with one having a large in-person office in California and the other being a completely remote company. JungleScout recently purchased Forecastly in a very important acquisition for the company.

Cost: Starting at $39 /month

Tool #32: IO Scout

IO Scout is an all-in-one solution for Amazon sellers starting at $25/month that can be a great alternative to Helium 10 or Jungle Scout. The solution is a great fit for private labels, resellers and wholesale sellers. The product will be a good choice for beginners, as IO Scout has a super easy-to-use product finder, product tracker, keyword finder tools and google chrome extension. IO Scout offers free tools, such as FBA calculator and Sales Estimator. No free trial available, but a 5-day money-back guarantee is available.

Cost: Starting from $25 /month

Tool #33: Viral Launch

Viral Launch is also a very large tool suite for Private Label sellers looking to source new inventory or grow their current inventory portfolio into something larger. the Product Discovery tool is optimized for sourcing brand new inventory and that's what we wanted to focus on for this post.

Cost: Starting at $50 /month

Tool #34: SourceMogul

SourceMogul positions itself as the tool for discovering the best products to sell on Amazon. Although they are not as well known in the Amazon seller communities, they are very much worth considering for your inventory sourcing process.

Cost: Starting at $97 /month

Category 8: Advertising and PPC

Advertising and Pay-Per-Click is not just for Private Label sellers. It's a fantastic method for growing your wholesale-based sales as well! Here are the major tools to help you put your advertising campaigns on auto-pilot.

Some tools simply automate your keyword bidding and others attempt to optimize that bidding to ensure a consistently lowering ACoS for each of your campaigns. This cannot be understated as it enables unprofitable campaigns to become profitable, and then begin to scale up, turning slow moving inventory into massive sales.

Tool #35: Seller App

SellerApp is a full-featured e-commerce intelligence platform that helps Amazon sellers optimize their PPC campaigns. From identifying the best keywords to managing your entire PPC campaign, this robust solution is tailored to suit every advertising requirement of yours.

The platform is a great fit for both FBA and FBM sellers and allows its users to achieve more in less time without charging a single dollar. While you can delegate all the heavy-lifting to their team of experts, they will strategize your campaigns in the most profitable manner and get you sales like never before.

Cost: Freemium, then $49 /month

Tool #36: Profit Whales

Profit Whales is a fantastic service for optimizing your ACoS and scaling your advertising campaigns. Profit Whales helps brands scale revenue through on and off-platform advertising campaigns.

Cost: Starting at $69 /month

Tool #37: PPC Entourage

PPC Entourage looks to efficiently optimize your Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns, which increases sales and (ideally) profits. In doing so, it allows you to continue scaling your sales and focus more heavily on the operations of your business.

Cost: Starting at $47 /month

Tool #38: Teikametrics

Teikametrics is an AI-powered system which attempts to optimize your ad spend and and keyword bidding 24/7. In doing so, they are able to lower your ad spend and increase the actual Return on Investment for each of your campaigns. Additionally, they enable keyword discovery as well, rather than leaving you in the dark on potential new targets.

Cost: Starting at $59 /month

Tool #39: Sellics

Although Sellics is an all-in-one tool, we will be focusing on their PPC tool, which helps to improve your ACoS nd maximize sales for your Amazon listings.

Cost: Starting at $67 /month

Tool #40: Ignite by Seller Labs

SellerLabs is another all-in-one tool but we are going to focus on their Ignite product for the Advertising and PPC section of this post. Ignite helps you build strategic ad campaigns, control the ad spend, optimize for increased performance, and analyze the data from each campaign.

Cost: Starting at $49 /month

Category 9: FBA Refunds and Reimbursements

Refunds and Reimbursements simply come with the territory of operating an Amazon-based business. Inventory gets lost or damanged and Amazon owes you a bit of money. The problem here is just how time consuming this process can be. Enter the automated refund and reimbursements industry of tools.

Tool #41: AMZ Refund

AMZ Refund's software will analyze your Amazon Seller Central account and product history to find eligible reimbursements and quickly calculate how much they would return.

Cost: 12% of reimbursement

Tool #42: Refunds Manager

Once your Seller Central account has been linked to the Refunds Manager system, they will begin to review your account, looking for any potential cases to be filed. Once completed, they will also file the cases on your behalf.

Cost: 25% of reimbursement

Tool #43: Refundly

Similar to Refunds Manager, Refundly will automatically search through your Seller Central (FBA) account to find any potential money owed to you. Once completed, it will then automatically submit a claim for each situation found, and help you manage each claim through out the process.

Cost: 12% of reimbursement

Tool #44: AMZ Reimburse

AMZ Reimburse is a set-and-forget style tool that runs in the background. Although it is very similar to the above mentioned tools that also automate this area of your business. The major positive for these types of tools is that they are paid based on performance, rather than a flat monthly fee.

Cost: 15% of reimbursement

Tool #45: Seller Zen

Seller Zen can look back up-to 2 years from the current date to help handle any lingering reimbursements. Just as well, you can hand off the importing of orders, refunds, returns, reimbursements, and even settlements. This becomes a massive advantage when you consider that they support both FBA and FBM (MFN).

Cost: $0.05 per Amazon order

Tool #46: FBA Refunds

Although FBA Refunds only supports FBA at the moment, they do happen to support a large variety of marketplaces, making it a solid choice for international sellers.

Cost: 12% of reimbursement

Tool #47: FBA Auditor

FBA Auditor certainly has one of the best page designs in the Amazon space that we've seen in a very long time. Although, they do not stand out too much from the crowd when it comes to features and pricing. They seem to be quite in-line there and still a very worthy choice.

Cost: 25% of reimbursement

Category 10: Seller Apps

Seller mobile apps have not been a major focus for developers over the years and we've always wondered why. Certainly, that will need to change as devices become more powerful and mobile friendly for business owners. Consider the iPad Pro, which is capable of running a business (non-development, of course) and will only get better over time.

You're no longer stuck behind a clunky desktop computer. If you want to pick up and travel for work, it's not only getting cheaper but more comfortable to do so. At some point, it will become the new norm for many busines owners.

Tool #48: Seller Central App

If you're an Amazon seller, you'll need the official Seller Central mobile app to quickly check sales. In fact, you can even use the app while sourcing new inventory if you follow the [L] Retail Arbitrage business model.

Cost: Free

Tool #49: Scoutify by InventoryLab

Scoutify allows you to quickly scan barcodes while sourcing Retail Arbitrage inventory and make an informed purchase decision. Scoutify will show you the potential net profit for a scanned item and even allow you to develop buying criteria for your sourcing team. This should be a requirement if you're an R.A. seller spending countless hours sourcing from local stores to "feed the beast".

Cost: $49 /month with full access to InventoryLab

Tool #50: Super FBA

Super FBA is similar to Scoutify in that they help sellers make profitable buying decisions while on the go. Additionally, they break down your monthly sales from the Seller Central API. Although, it may make more sense to combine the Seller Central app and Scoutify for a better experience.

Cost: $1.99 /month

Category 11: Price Monitoring and Notifications

Whether you have a [L] Mininum Advertised Price policy enforced by a supplier or not, you'll need to manage pricing. I'm not talking about repricing, as that was mentioned above. Instead, I'm referring to price notification, which enable you to get a quick push notification to see if a competitor broke a MAP agreement or if a price increased (hello Q4!) and a SKU is now profitable.

Tool #51: CamelCamelCamel

CCC has been around for a long time now but they're still as useful as error. They allow you to create alerts for specific ASINs so that you receieve an email notification if a price decreases below or raises above a certain dollar amount or percentage. CCC has historically been used by customers of Amazon wanting to be notified of a potential discount but it can easily be adopted by Amazon sellers for a similar purpose.

Cost: Free

Tool #52: Keepa

Keepa is a main-stay for Amazon sellers to get actionable data for any given listing. What many do not know is that it can also be used like CamelCamelCamel to receive price notifications.

Cost: Free

Tool #53: AMZ Alert

Very similar to the above tools, AMZ Alert allows you to quickly create price change alerts for any given listing so that you're always in the loop when it comes to price changes.

Cost: Starting at $20 /month

Category 12: Inventory Management and Listing

Where would any Amazon seller be without an inventory management system? Out of business is the answer. We see too many sellers operating rather sizeable businesses with simple spreadsheets that disable them from doing proper data analysis to optimize their operations and restock orders. Let's get this one solved quickly.

Tool #54: InventoryLab

The gold standard for many Amazon sellers is InventoryLab. InventoryLab enables you to manage a [L] Profit and Loss statement, which suppliers or products have generated 80% of your revenue, etc. The only downside here is that they currently only support the US marketplace.

Cost: $40 /month

Tool #55: Accelerlist

A massive competition between InventoryLab and AccelerList has been ongoing for some time with AccelerList being the newer company. Not only does AccelerList and InventoryLab allow you to maange your inventory, they also allow you to quickly list new inventory, avoiding the dreaded Seller Central listing system.

Cost: $34 /month

Category 13: Legal

Legal is one of the things you never want to have to use. It never seems like an important part of your business until you need it.

Tool #56: Ashlin Hadden Insurance

Insurance is something you don't think you need. Atleast until your Seller Central account gets suspended and your revenue goes to zero overnight. Sound scary? It should. That's where seller insurance comes into play and it's cheaper than you would think.

Cost: Get a quote

Tool #57: Legal Zoom

Legal Zoom really changed the game when they first launched, enabling regular business owners to handle rather complex legal issues. Although, you should better understand legal matters, rest assured that Legal Zoom is a viable option to save you time and get things right from the start.

Cost: Ranges on service required

Tool #58: Amazon Sellers Attorney

Ever been sued? Me either and I hope to keep it that way. Just because it's yet to happen does not mean that it won't any time soon. Just like insurance, you'll want it when it's required. It may be too late by then though.. Turns out there are attorney's who specialize in ecommerce and understand the Amazon game in and out. That's someone you really want on your team!

Cost: Ranges on service required

Tool #59: Private Label Lawyer

If you're a Private Label seller, you may want someone who is a specialist in that realm. Don't rely upon a general lawyer who doesn't understand the complexities of starting your own brand and protecting it online and off.

Cost: Ranges on service required

Category 14: Finance and Capital

Need to raise capital to either start or 10x your business? Simply want better cashflow management? We've got you covered in this section.

Tool #60: Payability

Payability has been servicing Amazon sellers for a number of years, initially enabling more sellers to have daily payouts to continue feeding the beast at a higher frequency.

Cost: Ranges

Tool #61: AccrueMe

AccruMe is a lending company for Amazon sellers looking to grow. Rather than offering a traditional debt loan at x%, they take a small percentage of the profits from the capital lent out. It's a very unique lending methodology.

Cost: Ranges

Tool #62: Osome

Osome is an online accounting services company geared towards online entreprenuers. Services include a group of accountants, with different specializations, who ensure everything functions smoothly by distributing tasks and monitoring compliance with any deadlines.

Category 15: Keyword Research

Keyword research tools allow you to dig deeper when it comes to listing optimization. By understanding what keywords you should be targeting and which to avoid, you increase the probability of achieving success.

Tool #63: KeywordInspector

KeywordInspector is a fantastic starting point for keyword research as it's very affordable and uses a credit system, rather than a monthly subscription (although that is an option as well.

Cost: $59.95 /month or you can purchase a small amount of credits to use

Tool #64: Scientific Seller

Although an older keyword research tool, Scientific Seller still performs by providing you with effective keyword research.

Cost: Starting with a free tier and expanding to $49.99 /month

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